Mary kate and ashley olsen give us a mystery

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – Give Us A Mystery

Who stole the great Hope Diamond?
What killed the Dinosaurs?
Who makes the finest pizza?
What's in your brother's dresser drawers?
Mysteries of life
Screaming to be solved
Here we stand in our trenchcoats
Dying to get involved

We're super-duper snoopers
First class private eyes
Figure outers, clearer uppers
Mistresses of disguise
We've got the know how
We've got the knack
Now all we need's a case to crack
We're two super-duper snoopers
Give us a mystery
What is the Loch Ness Monster?
Why is the cherry on top?
Where is Amelia Earhart?
Who put the bop in the bopshoobopshoobop?
Are tomatoes a veggie or a fruit?
What is in that Barney suit?
To find out why or how, call who?
Us! When? Now!
Give us a thing that makes no sense, look at us gather evidence
A fingerprint, a ball of lint
The slight aroma of peppermint
A film of soap, a trand of rope
Throw it beneath our microscope
Let's see...What can it be? Suddenly...
We've go the gear and everything
Now if the phone would only ring
We're two super-duper snoopers
Give us a mystery! (Whoa!)
Give us a mystery! (Oh yeah!)
Give us a mystery!
We need a mystery!

mary kate and ashley olsen give us a mystery
mary kate and ashley olsen give us a mystery

mary kate and ashley olsen give us a mystery

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