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Zendaya Has a "Colouring Station" for De-stressing

Ever have one of those days where everything is just too damn much? Same same, and according to a recent Ipsos report, more and more millennials are at risk for mental health issues. Roughly 63 percent of Canadian millennialsor one in every six of usare at high risk for mental health issues, up from 56 percent in the previous year surveyed. Whys that? The pollsters point to piles of student debt, precarious employment situationsand rocketing costs of living, among other difficult life circumstances (their words, not ours). To help inspire your own stress-coping approach, we round up our fave celebrities stress management tipslike Zendayas legit colouring book nook in her house.

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The former FLARE cover star, TheGreatest Showman actor, red carpet chameleon and all-around forever fave tweeted out of an image of a cupboard filled with colouring books and a tub of markers on February 8 along with the caption I literally have a coloring station at my house, in my house we all find it quite therapeutic. It helps me with stress, and now we are literally wondering where to put our *own* colouring book nooks.

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celebrities stress
Celebrities, Stress and Cancer

Posted on February 11, 2011 By Ilia Elenkov Features & Faces

Celebrities, Stress and Cancer

Recently, several websites have reported that Michael Douglas has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

The actor believes a combination of his previous hard-driving lifestyle and the stresses of the past 12 months may have caused the cancer.

He tells UKs Daily Mirror that stress was a major factor: This type of cancer can be brought on by alcohol and tobacco abuse and by a certain type of sexually transmitted reason, but I look at it as stress.

Ive had a pretty stressful year on a number of fronts, some of which were public and some of which werent. Douglas is not the first celebrity (see below), who considers stress to be a factor in their cancer development.

Don Imus, stress and prostate cancer

Can stress contribute to cancer? Is Stress a risk factor for cancer? According to abcnews.com Radio host Don Imus wondered aloud whether stress had contributed to his prostate cancer. The 68-year-old Imus made the announcement about his prostate cancer diagnosis in March 2009 on his morning show. I think it was all the stress that caused this, he reportedly said on air.

Based on this report, however, Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society believes that there are no studies that show that stress is the sole cause of cancer, but stress can interfere with a persons ability to deal with cancer.

However, there is some evidence to suggest that stressin combination with other factorsmay contribute to the development of cancer. In an exchange with U.S. News that preceded Imuss diagnosis, Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, a professor of psychiatry and psychology at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, wrote that chronic depression and/or a paucity of supportive personal relationships may be risk factors for the development and progression of some kinds of cancer.

She referred to a study of ovarian cancer patients that suggested that stress and low social support may be related to certain growth factors in the tumor microenvironment. Kiecolt-Glaser also cited new studies from Eric Yang and Ron Glaser and others, showing that melanoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and multiple myeloma tumor cells have receptors for the stress hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine, and that cancer cells exposed to these stress hormones in the laboratory produce tumorigenic factors.

Kylie Minogue, stress and breast cancer

According to recent news article in celebritydiagnosis.com the renowned Australian pop singer, songwriter and actress, Kylie Minogue, believes that it could have been stress that made her sick five years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Per the Editors note, Drs. Berman and Boguski, the publicity surrounding the case of Kylie Minogues breast cancer in 2005 and its effect on public health awareness stimulated a 20-fold increase in news coverage of breast cancer and the fact that early detection was critical. This encouraged more women to seek prevention and screening advice.

Intense stress has been mentioned as a factor that can lead to the development of cancer. The hypothesis that stress can contribute to the pathogenesis of breast cancer is not new, and in fact was initially brought forward nearly 2,000 years ago by ancient Greek doctor Galen. The link between stress and breast cancer, however remains controversial, and according to a recent article in dailymail.co.uk some organizations such as Cancer Research UK are skeptical.

However, in a recent study by Israeli scientists, cited in this article, women who had experienced two or more significantly stressful life events were 62 per cent more likely to have breast cancer. Even moderate or mild events seem to have a cumulative effect, says the lead researcher, Dr. Ronit Peled of Ben-Gurion University, in the journal BMC Cancer.

Furthermore, a recent study published in the Cancer Research journal suggested that a prolonged state of stress could facilitate the spread of metastatic breast cancer (see comments on torontosun.com). The UCLA authors transplanted breast tumors into animals which then underwent stress-induced neuroendocrine activation, resulting in a 30-fold increase in metastasis to distant tissues. These effects were mediated by beta-adrenergic signaling and treatment of stressed animals with the beta-antagonist propranolol reversed the stress-induced macrophage infiltration and inhibited tumor spread to distant tissues.

ABC News Read more

U.S. News Read more

Dailymail Read more

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Source: Cover Image: Don Imus. Credit: huffingtonpost.com

Celebrities stress the importance of arts-based school programs

Monday and Tuesday mark the 30th anniversary of Arts Advocacy Day, which seeks to underscore the importance of arts in the country and on the economy.

The importance of the day has even more meaning for arts advocates in 2017. President Donald Trumps proposed budget plan, unveiled last week, looks to eliminate funding for federal programs in the arts and humanities. It comes at a time when several stars have spoken out in support of these programs.

Earlier this month, Chance the Rapper drew praise for his million dollar contribution to support arts education in Chicago Public Schools.

Activist and actress Rosie Perez yet again stressed her commitment to arts-integrated programs last week as she celebrated the 25th anniversary of her organization, Urban Arts Partnership. The nonprofit has provided in-school and after-school art-based programs in several low-income New York and Los Angeles communities.

Trending News

Perez, like Chance the Rapper, calls herself a product of these programs and is among the celebrities helping young students reach their potential.

She recently opened up to CBS News at her organizations anniversary benefit dinner in New York City.

You put a camera or a microphone in a kids hand and say this is how its done, this is how you hold the camera and do the editing, and you change their life, she said.

When you have a kid who keeps failing the regents and feeling like a loser and does a three-week arts program and passes it, that feeling of being defeated and the world is against you is washed away. That kid can be a productive member of the United States. They are no longer a statistic.

Singer Andra Day attends the celebration of Urban Arts Partnership 25th Anniversary Benefit at Cipriani Wall Street on March 15, 2017 in New York City. Nia Stevens

Award-winning singer Andra Day works closely with several students as part of the organizations youth program.

Im a product of arts education and of teachers in a community who believed in students who loved the arts, Day told CBS News.

These kids today are brilliant and are visionaries and need support, thats what I try to do.

Urban Dictionary: Celebrity-Stress-Disorder
A condition experienced by people which causes them to act outrageously or rebelliously. This can be caused by intrusive/incessant paparazzi, their lack of privacy/worldwide attention, and sensationalist tabloids. The severity of the disorder in an individual is directly proportional to their fame (more famous= more stress). Unfortunately, their outrageous/rebellious actions do not expose their dilemma, but only draw more negative attention. :(
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