Megan fox boots in eminem video

megan fox boots in eminem video

megan fox boots in eminem video
Megan Fox Goes Hardcore In Eminem's New Video

Oh how far the mighty fall! After scurrying away from Transformers 3 like a cockroach avoiding death by RAID!, Megan Fox can now be found as Dominic Monaghan‘s abused girlfriend in Eminem’s new music video for “Love The Way You Lie,” featuring Rihanna.

The two spend the majority of the video screaming at each other between major make out sessions against plywood walls. Rihanna stands outside their house singing the chorus over and over again, while Eminem is confusingly, and probably against his will, ditched in a wheat field around sunset. Oh, and Megan Fox wears combat boots that look too heavy.

It’s pretty enjoyable, but is this what Megan Fox is going to do now? I know I argued and argued that she’s nothing more than something nice to look at, but I’m not even sure I like this coming from her! I miss her dull sentence delivery, where every word is surprisingly mediocre, despite coming from a mouth that was constructed by such a well-educated and experienced surgeon. She’s probably quite pleased with herself now, but once the day is over and the video has logged its millions of views, she’ll go right back to diagramming sentences that prove Michael Bay really IS like Hitler. And I’ll be watching it four more times. Feel free to join me. 

Megan Fox To Get Hot In Eminem & Rihanna's New Video

Megan Fox is apparently very close to starring in Eminem's new "Love The Way You Lie" video.

According to E Online she will play along side Dominic Monaghan (From the popular TV show "Lost")

"Megan Fox doesn't need Michael Bay.

The former Transformers star has Eminem.

The world's hottest newlywed is thisclose to being in the video for "Love the Way You Lie," the Detroit rapper's hit single with Rihanna.

A Lost star has already been cast in the vid...

Dominic Monaghan is set to appear. Plans call for some rather steamy sequences between D.M. and Fox. "It gets really intense," a source says.

Director Joseph Kahn confirmed on Twitter yesterday that he was directing the video. However, he didn't name names. "Got off a call," he posted. "Emergency music video. Gonna write and turn in treatment in three hours to shoot asap." He apparently wrote it in just 45 minutes.

The source said Fox and Monaghan would shoot their scenes later this week in Los Angeles."

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