What celebrities were born on march 26

What celebrities were born on June 26 - Answers

Celebrities who were born on June 26 include:

Ariana Grande (pop singer) - born 1993

Jeanette McCurdy (TV actress) - born 1992

Michael Vick (NFL QB) - born 1980

Ryan Tedder (pop singer) - born 1979

Derek Jeter (MLB shortstop) - born 1974

Chris O'Donnell (actor) - born 1970

Sean Hayes (comic actor) - born 1970

Chris Izaak (singer) - born 1956

Billy Davis Jr. (singer, 5th Dimension) - born 1938

Historically, June 26 was the birthday of:

Pearl S. Buck, author (1892-1973)

Peter Lorre, horror actor (1904-1964)

Col. Tom Parker, manager for Elvis Presley (1909-1997)

Babe Didrikson Zaharias, female athlete (1911-1956)

what celebrities were born on march 26
What celebrities were born on April 26 - Answers

Celebrities born on April 26 include :
Melania Trump (First Lady) - born 1970
Channing Tatum (actor) - born 1980
Jordana Brewster (actress) - born 1980
Stana Katic (actress) - born 1978
Tom Welling (actor) - born 1977
Kane (wrestler Glenn Jacobs) - born 1967
Kevin James (actor) - born 1965
Jet Li (martial arts actor) - born 1963
Bobby Rydell (pop singer) - born 1942
Duane Eddy (pop singer) - born 1938
Carol Burnett (actress) - born 1933
I. M. Pei (architect) - born 1917

Historically, it was the birthday of:
John James Audubon, naturalist (1785-1851)
Ma Rainey, singer (1886-1939)
A. E. van Vogt, SF author (1912-2000)

What celebrities were born on March 27 - Answers

Celebrities with a March 27 birthdate include:

Brenda Song (actress) - born 1988

Buster Posey (MLB catcher) - born 1987

Craig Wayans (Wayans Bros. nephew)- born 1976

Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson (singer) - born 1975

Nathan Fillion (actor) - born 1971

Pauley Perrette (actress) - born 1969

Mariah Carey (singer) - born 1969

Quentin Tarantino (director) - born 1963

Randall Cunningham (quarterback) - born 1963

Michael York (actor) - born 1942

Austin Pendleton (actor) - born 1940

Cale Yarborough (race driver) - born 1939

Historically, March 26 was the birthday of :

Wilhelm Roentgen, German physicist (1845-1923)

Gloria Swanson, actress (1899-1983)

Carl Barks, Donald Duck illustrator (1901-2000)

Sylvia Anderson, TV designer and producer (1927-2016)

David Janssen, actor (1931-1980)

What celebrities were born on September 26 - Answers

Celebrities who were born on September 26 include:

Christina Milian (singer) - born 1981

Serena Williams (tennis champion) - born 1981

Jim Caviezel (actor) - born 1968

Linda Hamilton (actress, Terminator target) - born 1956

Olivia Newton-John (singer-actress) - born 1948

Anne Robinson (presenter, The Weakest Link) - born 1944

Kent McCord (TV actor) - born 1942

Winnie Mandela (famous wife) - born 1936

Historically, September 26 was the birthday of:

Pope Paul VI, 20th century pope (1897-1978)

Johnny Appleseed, US pioneer (1774-1845)

Ivan Pavlov, behavioral scientist (1849-1936)

Edmund Gwenn, iconic film actor (1875-1959)

T. S. Eliot, poet (1888-1965)

George Gershwin, composer(1898-1937)

Jack LaLanne, fitness guru (1914-2011)

Donna Douglas, Beverly Hillbilly (1932-2015)

Craig "Ironhead" Heyward, NFL running back (1966-2006)

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