David and victoria beckham and family

How David and Victoria Beckham's Marriage Survived Scandal
How David and Victoria Beckham's Marriage Survived and Thrived After Scandal

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Internationally renowned pop star meets the planet's sexiest soccer player. What could go wrong?

When Victoria and David Beckham got together more than 20 years ago, they defined "power couple." Posh and Becks had the world at their feet, him almost literally, and their glam quotient quickly exploded past the confines of their native England, making them a full-fledged globalthing.

The former Victoria Adams first spied the stud who would become her husband in 1997 while hanging out, as members of the Spice Girls would have no problem doing, in theManchester United players' lounge.

"While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family. (He's not even in the first team at this stageyou are the famous one.) And he has such a cute smile," Victoria wrote in 2016 in a letter to her 18-year-old self for British Vogue. "You, too, are close to your family, and you will think how similar he feels to you. He's going to ask for your number. (He still has the London-to-Manchester plane ticket on which you wrote it.)"

Beckham joined Manchester United as a 16-year-old trainee in 1991 but when he met his future wife, he was still poised on the brink of being a household name.The Spice Girlshad become an overnight sensation after the release of "Wannabe" in 1996, so indeed, Posh Spice was the more famous of the two.

"She stalked me," David joked toWin 2007 when asked how they met before acknowledging, "I fancied her."

In fact, he claims he saw a Spice Girls video in 1996, before they met in person, and said to his Man U teammate Gary Neville, "'That one there, that's the girl I'm going to marry.'"

As grown-up Victoria wrote to younger Victoria, "...love at first sight does exist...although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy."

Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, W Magazine

Steven Klein/W Magazine

"I'm quite shy. I just waved from the other side of the bar," David recalled, noting that he actually blew it on that particular day by not asking her out.

A week later, Victoria and a fellow Spice Girl attended another game, and he made sure to get her number in the lounge afterward that time. She wrote it down on the aforementioned plane ticket, he called her the next day and drove down to London later that same night to see her.

As it turned out, they had grown up 15 minutes away from each other in working-class families and both of them had planned to be big stars.

They welcomed son Brooklyn Beckham on March 4, 1999, and married on July 4, 1999, at a castle in Ireland. Neville, whom Beckham had revealed his marital intentions to several years prior, served as best man.

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Wedding

W and N

The bride and groom wore (two) matching outfits and sat atop his-and-her gold thrones. Victoria said "I do" in Vera Wang and changed into Antonio Berardi for the reception.

"That was pretty bold. Victoria's [party dress] was pretty nice. Mine, I'm like what was I thinking?" Beckhampoked fun at himself last yearon BBC Radio 4'sDesert Island Discs."I look like the guys out ofDumb & Dumberwhen they went to that party and wore those ridiculous outfits. I even had a top hat in purple. Unbelievable. What was I thinking?"

The following year, with the Spice Girls more or less disbanding after a few wildly successful years, Victoria went solo and released a hit single, "Out of Your Mind." After that...

Her debut album,Victoria Beckham,sold a modest 50,000 copies upon its release in October 2001, and though she planned on releasing a follow-up and continued to have her singles chart, she was one and done. The Spice Girl reunion rumors began the second the group split up, but otherwise the erstwhile Posh Spice focused on fashion and her young family instead, andthe Beckhamswelcomed son Romeo on Sept. 1, 2002.

At the same timeDavid Beckham's star was rocketing ever higher. He was appointed captain of England's national team in 2000 and had a whole movie, 2002'sBend It Like Beckham, named after his prowess on the soccer pitch. The modeling world wanted a piece of him (usually his abs) as well. Then in the summer of 2003, Man U "sold" Becks to Real Madrid for almost $43 million (by today's euro exchange rate).

Andso began the unfortunate year of the storied Beckham union.

David Beckham, Real Madrid, 2004

Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images

That September Beckham was spotted with a womanlater identified as his assistant Rebecca Loosat a nightclub in Madrid. The athlete denied the subsequent tabloid reports that his marriage was in trouble.

But eventually the now-defunctNews of the World ran a story detailing, via a source identified as a so-called "close family friend," several sexual encountershe and Loos allegedly had after that night at the club and then continued to exchange racy texts. Victoria contacted Loos, warning her to back off, the story claimed.

So,afew months shy of the Beckhams' fifth wedding anniversary, the British tabloids were having their own field day falling all over themselves to cover the increasingly explosive cheating allegations, which blew up afterLoos' brother claimed his sister had "confirmed" to him that she'd had an affair with the soccer star in Spain.

Confirmed how? Well, she said so.

"Rebecca phoned home early this morning. I am overwhelmed with shock," Loos' brother John Charles told theDaily Mailin April 2004. He continued, "Rebecca was upset when she parted company with David and Victoria last year. She became very down and cried a lot. At times she looked heartbroken. I thought it was because of professional reasons. But now I am beginning to understand there must have been more to it."

At the time, Victoria had reportedly packed up her sons and flown to Switzerland, and David was planning to join her from Madrid immediately.

People speaking for the family said the trip was a long-planned family vacation with her parents and his mother,not a hasty escape from the public eye.

"During the past few months I have become accustomed to reading more and more ludicrous stories about my private life," David Beckham said in a statement responding to Loos' brother's story. "What appeared this morning is just one further example. The simple truth is that I am very happily married. I have a wonderful wife and two very special kids. There is nothing any third party can do to change these facts."

Later that month, in a joint deal with News Corp-owned Sky Television andNews of the World that netted her a reported $600,000 for exclusive rights to serialize her story,Rebecca Loostold her longtale to Sky One's Kay Burley, calling Beckham (via the Daily Mail)a "generous lover" and saying they had been sexting up to just two weeks prior to the whole story getting out.

"I don't expect any sympathy from [Victoria] at all," said Loos, who had been working in sports PR for SFX, the company that managed Beckham, when she was assigned tohis staffin Madrid.

"I think it's bad enough for me to do what I have done without me expecting any words of sympathy," Loos continued. "I really hope that they get through it. I think the problems were in their marriage long before I came into the picture. I in no way intended to break up their marriage especially when there are young children involved. I hope they stay together."

Victoria Beckham, 2004

Sandra Behne/Bongarts/Getty Images

Asked about the couple's stated intention to get lawyers involved, Loos replied, "What are they consulting their lawyers for? What can they do? I think they have worked very hard at getting the image they have and I think they will do everything they can to maintain it.

"So whether that involves having happy shots taken or calling their lawyers it's up to them. I am 100 percent sure of what I am talking about, there no doubt in my mind I have no reason to liewhy should I? I am just here to tell you my experience. He knows the truth and I know the truth."

Adding to the couple's mensis horribilis in April 2004,Sarah Marbeck told News of the Worldshe slept withBeckham in Singapore in 2001 back when he was on a tour with Manchester United and then they continuedto exchange sexually suggestive texts for two years.

David called the story "absurd and unsubstantiated," while Victoria reportedly told The Sun at the time,"We have been through a lot worse than this, and we're definitely going to get through this."

In May 2004, while training with the English national team in Sardinia, Beckham told BBC Radio 5 Live, "I've made it clear that with two papers the way I and my family have been treated is an absolute disgrace because at the end of the day, I'm a nice person and loving husband and father."

In the meantime, Victoria relocated with Brooklyn and Romeo to Spain, so everyone could be together.

And the Beckhams ultimately didfile suit againstNews of the World,in response to aSeptember 2004 story titled "Posh and Becks on the Rocks." Then the tabloid published claims that a beautician named Danielle Heath also had an affair with the athlete. "We are sick and tired of people trying to make money at the expense of our family," the Beckhamssaid in a statement. "It's even more distressing when we are expecting our third son. These allegations are completely untrue and it is in the hands of our lawyers."

Victoria Beckham, david Beckham

MWPS / Splash News

The couple then amended the complaint in 2005 to include another NOTWstory claiming, based ontales from a former nanny, that their marriage was a sham. They also sued the nanny, Abbie Gibson, who had worked for them since 2003, for breach of confidence.

"When you invite someone into your home to look after your childrenyour most precious possessionsyou have to trust them," Beckham said in April 2005. "I can't say much more because there is a legal process...What I will say, though, is that the reason I keep my mind on football is that me and my wife are happy. We are normal people, although people might not think that. Of course, we have arguments like everybody, but, at the end of the day, I know that I love my wife."

The Beckhams collected an undisclosed settlement from News of the Worldin March 2006 and dropped their suit. The tabloid shut down in 2011 after people from the the paper were caught hacking into private voicemail accounts, including those belonging to members of the royal family and a teenage murder victim.

Meanwhile, the Beckhamswere busy working on their marriage and carrying on with their lives. Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley were among the guests at a dual christening forBrooklyn and Romeo back home in England in December 2004, and they welcomed their third son, Cruz Beckham, on Feb. 20, 2005, in Madrid.

Yet it soon became apparent that another change of scene would be in order soon, not least because Beckham was dropped by the national team after their World Cup quarterfinal loss in 2006 and he wasn't winning titles with Real Madrid.

ESC: Stylish Couples, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham

Jackson Lee / Tom Meinelt

So they did what a lot of people would dothey moved. In 2007, the Los Angeles Galaxyof then-struggling Major League Soccer in the U.S.wooed Beckham across the pond with a five-year contract worth a reported $250 million (about $32.5 million from the team, plus endorsements and other paydays related to his mega-stardom).

"Another challenge has come up and it is the right time for us to do it," the famous midfielderwho would go on to winthe La Liga title with Real Madrid in his final seasonsaid in an interview in January 2007, calling his decision to uproot his family and leave European soccer "extremely difficult."

"David Beckham coming to MLS might be viewed by some as one of the most important moments for soccer in this country and perhaps the history of professional sport," MLS Commissioner Don Garber said in a statement. "David transcends the sport and is a cultural icon. David is clearly one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. People are going to feel really good about David Beckham spending the rest of his career in the U.S."

Victoria capitalized on her end of the deal as well, signing on for NBC'sVictoria Beckham: Coming to America, a six-episode show chronicling the family's move to Beverly Hills, Calif., where they settled just a short Range Rover ride awayfrom palsTom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

"We were surprised that anybody actually even knew who we were, or the fact that we were coming," Victoria humbly told E! News that August, though by then she was fully aware of just how welcome they were in town. "We think L.A. has got so many really famous people, so we just kind of see ourselves as 'David and Victoria from London.' So, we were completely shocked and overwhelmed, buteverybody was so nice. We got to the airport and everyone was saying, 'Welcome to America,' 'welcome home.' You turn up in England and they just tell you to get back on a plane and get out of there...so we're very, very excited."

She said it would only be a matter of time before the paparazzi figured out "we're actually quite boring, we don't do that much. We just hang out at home with our kids and keep ourselves to ourselves." The most recent exciting place she'd led the photographers to was Toys R Us.

Victoriahad alsotoldW that she planned to "try and smile more for America," but that hadn't come to pass (and never would).

Asked about her famous propensity for never smiling for the cameras, she told E! that someone had actually gone up to her and asked what was wrong with her teeth."There's nothing wrong with my teeth!" she insisted (and you could almost hear her smiling over the phone). "I can't help the fact I actually look dead in most paparazzi pictures. I just thinkthere'soften so many paparazzi, I'm always sort of 'head down, get in the car and off we go'...I'm just not a big grinner on camera."

She felt that her series would show a side of her that was more reflective of the truth. "I don't take myself too seriously. I have a very dry, British sense of humor and I enjoy to send myself up," she said.

The family's L.A. abode was a 13,000-square-foot villa they bought for a reported $22 million because, as Victoria toldW, "we didn't want anything too huge, too fancy, too ostentatious."

"It's a light, happy house, with a great corridor the kids are going to love when they are roller-skating," she added, while Davidjoked that they wouldn't have any live-in staff because "we like to lock the doors at night and wander around naked."

Victoria admitted that the scandal, which wasn't in the too-distant past yet then, was "a really tough time" for them, "hard for our entire families. But I realized a lot of people have their price."

FormerNOTW reporter Neville Thurlbeck, who was fired in the hacking scandal before the entire paper closed, testified during a 2011 inquiry into press standards, or lack thereof, that Loos was paid a "six-figure sum" for her storywhich he spent roughly two months verifying, he added. Loos, who parlayed her 15 minutes intosome reality TV appearances and now lives in the Norwegian mountains with her husband and children,said on ITV'sDaybreak in 2013 that she didn't regret coming forward but she would havegone about it differently.

"I'm a mother now and married and knowing what I know now I would definitely have gone about things quite differently," Loos said. "I was young and foolish and very reckless. I didn't think things through and acted on impulse a lot. I think I regret the impact on everybody. I think I could have gone about it in a kinder way.I don't regret speaking out but I regret the way I went about it."

Back in 2007, Victoria toldW, her husband quietly sitting next to her and holding her hand, "David and I got through it together. No one said marriage was going to be easy. Yes, there have been bumps along the road. But the fact is we've come out of everything we've been through stronger and happier. It's even better now than when we were first married. After all these years, we can just come home and have a laugh together."

And ascountless people looking to start a new chapter had learned before them, moving to sunny California can indeed help you begin anew. Or perhaps even turn back time.

At the end of 2007 Victoria embarked on a tour with the Spice Girls on behalf of their greatest-hits album, which was greeted with all the fanfare you could imagine. She also dug in her stilettos andstarted to expand her Britain-born fashion empire, launching her eponymous label in 2008. She won Designer Brand of the Yearat the British Fashion Awards in 2011 and became the latest high-end designer to collaborate with Target last year.

Celebs With Obama, Barack Obama, David Beckham


David suffered some injuries early on but ultimately thrived with the Galaxy, winning two titles and turning the team's humble stadium in Carson into a real destination.

We had asked in 2007 if more kids were in their future"I see you with a little girl so you can dress her up," E!'s Michael Yo said at the timeand Victoria said she'd love to have another child, but at that point having three boys was less about parenting and more "about crowd control."

She got her wish a few years later, when daughterHarper Seven Beckhamwas born on July 10, 2011, and was immediately promoted to princess status.

And the family, famous upon arrival no matter what they thought, only got more famous. America has a tendency to do that to people, especially really good-looking people who combine the glamour of fashion, sports, pop music and underwear modeling under one roofandwho don't mindshowing off their lives on Instagram once in awhile.

Beckham retired in 2013, playing his last game for ParisSaint-Germain, which hoistedtheir Ligue 1 trophy that night in a picture-perfect moment.Fast-forward to now and he's spearheading the effort to bring a MLS franchise to Miami, as well as launching his own line of grooming products called House 99inspired by1999, the year he married Victoria, had his first child and won the treble (three titles, including Premier League, FA Cup andChampions League) with Manchester United.

Victoria just showed her signature collection at New York Fashion Week, with her husband, Romeo, Cruz and Harper supporting her from the front row, right next to Anna Wintour. (Brooklyn, 18, was in L.A. with girlfriend Chloe Grace Moretz, as usual.) It was also her last collection in New York for the time being, as she plans to join the lineup at London Fashion Week in September.

"I want to celebrate my ten year anniversary at home," she toldThe Guardian. "I'm nervous, though, because I've never shown in London." The family has been based in London for the past several years, bringing their geographical journey full circle.

David Beckham attributes their enduring partnership and "strong family unit" to a number of factors, including the respective inspiring examples that were set for them.

"We have got strong parents too, and they taught us the right values," he told BBC Radio 4 last year. "Of course you make mistakes, and we all know that marriage is difficult at times. It is about working through it. We have come up against tough times. But we know each other better than anyone else knows us. And we talk."

And to all the skeptics who assume it's just better business for the two to stay together, he added, "Do we stay together because it is a brand? Of course not. We stay together because we love each other and because we have four amazing children."

david and victoria beckham and family
Victoria Beckham, David Beckham and children - family facts

Birth dates and biographies of Victoria, David, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven


Victoria and Davids birth dates:

Victoria Beckham, born 17 April 1974
David Beckham, born 2 May 1975


Birth dates of Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven:

Brooklyn Joseph, born 4 March 1999
Romeo James, born 1 September 2002
Cruz David, born 20 February 2005
Harper Seven, born 10 July 2011

Victoria and David becoming Posh & Becks

posh and becks 2004

Bursting into our consciousness in 1994 when she joined the now iconic girl groupThe Spice Girls, Victoria (then Adams) was nicknamed Posh Spice after her love of glossy high-end designers and her slick bob hairdo.

Victoria first met David Beckham, who was the star football player for Manchester United at the time, in 1997 after he asked to be introduced to Victoria as he had a crush on her! The couple were quickly dubbed Posh and Becks and became the new celebrity power couple.

Victorias pregnancy with Brooklyn

Victoria announced that she was pregnant with her and Davids first child in 1998. Victoria admitted at the time that she was surprised she fell pregnant by accident during aSpice Girlstour, as she had previously suffered from Polycystic Ovaries (PSCOS).

Posh admitted that she suffered terrible morning sickness while on tour and she also revealed that her pregnancy cravings included craved pickled onions, marmite on toast and fruit pastilles.


brooklyn beckham

Victoria and David welcomed their first baby, a boy named Brooklyn, in March, 1999, at the Portland Hospital, London. Baby Brooklyn weighed 7lbs and was born via an emergency caesarean apparently because Brooklyns head wasnt properly engaged.

The Beckhams baby name choice raised a few eyebrows at the time and they later revealed that they conceived their son whilst in Brooklyn, USA! I like Brooklyn as a name its quite different but you couldnt do it all the time. It wouldnt work if you were somewhere like Moscow, Victoria said at the time.

After Brooklyns birth, Victoria lost a lot of weight, which drew criticism. After Brooklyn was born I lost a lot of weight. From being Podgy Spice pre-Brooklyn I had become Skeletal Spice. What upset me was that I ate like any normal person, but I lost weight, Victoria said at the time.

Brooklyn is reportedlyquite shy and seems quite protective of his mum when out and about. Hes also an avid football fan.

In 2016, Brooklyn was briefly dating Hollywood actress Chloe Grace Moretz. He also revealed hes a budding photographer, shooting a campaign for fashion house Burberry.

Read more about Brooklyn:

Victoria and David get married

The couple got married 4 months after the arrival of Brooklyn in 1999.

Victoria and David wed in a lavish ceremony at the Luttrellstown Castle in County Dublin, Ireland. The wedding ceremony saw them sitting on golden thrones and allegedly cost Posh and Becks around ?500,000.

Victorias pregnancy with Romeo

In 2001, Victoria announced that she was pregnant with her 2nd baby and it was Brooklyn who they 1st told the happy news to.

I told him I was pregnant, then I sent him over to David to tell him the secret. I was in tears as he toddled over to his daddy and said, Mummy is going to have a baby. I hoped it would make him feel he is involved with the new baby, Victoria recalled at the time.

The guessing game began after Victorias pregnancy announcement, with everyone wondering where theyd conceived their baby and whether theyd use it as their next baby name choice! It was also revealed that Posh craved smoked salmon during her 2nd pregnancy.

Although Posh wasnt very vocal with the press during her 2nd pregnancy, she did reveal that she loved being pregnant and I like giving birth oh, I love it. However, David cheekily interrupted, telling her: You had a caesarean. You didnt even feel it.


romeo beckham

Victoria gave birth to her 2nd baby, another boy, named Romeo. They didnt say the reasons behind the name choice, but David did reveal that Romeo has Brooklyns nose and Victorias chin, when he spoke to the press outside the Portland Hospital, London, where Romeo was born. Romeo weighed 7lb 4oz and was born via caesarean by doctors orders.

The Beckham family moved to Spain in 2003 when David was transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

Romeo has definitely inherited his dads model looks and his mums pout! Although his parents let his hair grow really long when he was a baby up until he was a toddler, his floppy locks and dapper sense of style gives Suri Cruise a run for her money afterhe made it onto theBest Dressed Manlistat the age of 8.

Now a teenager, Romeos got quite the modelling career ahead of him having already starred in several campaigns for fashion house Burberry.

Victorias pregnancy with Cruz

In 2004, just after David was hit with claims that he had an affair with his personal assistant, Victoria and David announced they were expecting their 3rd baby.

The pregnancy was very low key and Posh hid her baby bump and rarely spoke about her pregnancy.


cruz beckham

Victoria gave birth to another boy in February, 2005, and they named their 3rd son Cruz. Born in the Ruber Internacional hospital in Madrid, the couple opted for a Spanish name which means Cross. Cruz is traditionally a girls name in Spain.

Cruz appears to be a cheeky chap and when growing up was regularly seen in his dressing up garb from Wolverine,an astronautto aTransformer all while pulling a goofy smile for the paparazzi.

During the Spice Girls tour in 2009, Cruz took to the stage and broke into an impressive body-popping, break dance much to the delight of the crowd.

Victoria revealed the cheeky side of Cruz when he was 5: Were all learning sign language because one of our friends is deaf. So, of course, the first thing Cruz wanted to learn was how to say, I have gas, and the s word. He also wanted to know what other swear words were.

It seems Cruzs passion for music has continued with him throughout his life. In December 2016, he signed to Justin Biebers manager Scooter Braun and released his first single, If Every Day Was Christmas, for charity. Aww!

Victorias pregnancy with Harper Seven

After much speculation of a 4th pregnancy, what with Victoria admittingshe was broodyand her allegedlyexhausting David with her baby-making plans, on 9 January 2011, David confirmed Victoria was pregnant with their 4th baby. Apparently, it caused David toshed many tears of happiness.

Gossip abounded as to whether the couple would get their much-wanted baby girl. Posh and Becks never shied away from talk that theyd like a little Beckham girl and were delighted when they found outthey were indeed expecting a girl.

Like her other pregnancies, the guessing game on what the Beckhams would call their 4th baby was in full swing. Its a relief to know David and Victoria didnt listen to theirsons suggestion Justine Bieber!

Rumour had it that Victoria had her eye on her dream buggy an iCandy Apple and wasdesigning her houseready for the arrival. She also had apink-themed baby showerthrown for her by her A-list actress bestie, Eva Longoria.


harper seven beckham

Victoria gave birth to her 1st daughter,Harper Seven, on 10 July 2011. The choice of baby name reportedlyboosted book salesof Harper Lees classic To Kill A Mockingbird.

Harper has always beendressed impeccably since birth, and has been Victorias frequent companion at fashion shows as her mums fashion career has taken off. Shes rocked many designer looks, includingMarc Jacobs welliesandVivienne Westwood jellies.

She wasvoted most stylish celebrity child in 2014, but David also proudly revealed thatHarpers great at footballtoo.

Images: Instagram/Victoria Beckham, Instagram/David Beckham

Read more:


The Beckhams pictured just days before they were engulfed in 'split' scandal

DAVID Beckham and Victoria were snapped on a family outing just days before they were engulfed in divorce rumours.

The football legend and his ex-Spice Girl wife appeared relaxed as they chatted to friends for a day outlast Sunday.

David Beckham and his wife Victoria could be seen sitting side by side, just days before rumours about them splitting up surfaced on social media


David Beckham and his wife Victoria could be seen sitting side by side, just days before rumours about them splitting up surfaced on social media

The couple had been at theBox Hare pub in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, when the snap was taken.

This was the last time they were seen together before rumours they were about to split swept social media on Friday.

Sitting at an outside pub table, Becks could be seen on the far end with his sleeves casually rolled up and wearing a flat cap.

Perched next to him, wife Victoria looked ever-elegant in a crisp white shirt, chatting to a friend on her left.

And while the couple weren't seen facing each other in the snap, they appeared very at ease as they relaxed for the day out in theCotswolds.

The couple looked loved up yesterday at Fashion Week, in their first public appearance since denying the divorce rumours that swept social media on Friday


The couple looked loved up yesterday at Fashion Week, in their first public appearance since denying the divorce rumours that swept social media on FridayCredit: Instagram
Victoria Beckham struggles to raise a smile as she arrives at the Royal Wedding

The couple's youngest sons appear to be in the photograph as well, with Romeo, 15, at the opposite end of the table to his parents.

Another young boy in a beanie can be seen sitting at the table - thought to be the couple's 13-year-old son Cruz.

The photograph has surfaced after rumours swirled the couple of 19 years were calling it quits.

Thousands of Twitter and Facebook users had shared claims a divorce was imminent between the showbizpower couple- with the rumours becomingone of the internets most discussed trending topics.

Victoria posted a lovely family picture in the midst of the 'nonsense' claims


Victoria posted a lovely family picture in the midst of the 'nonsense' claimsCredit: Instagram
Victoria brushed off the claims on Saturday, posting a selfie of her with Romeo


Victoria brushed off the claims on Saturday, posting a selfie of her with RomeoCredit: Instagram
Mum's the word ... Victoria enjoys a hug from daughter Harper, writing on Friday that they 'loved and missed' husband David


Mum's the word ... Victoria enjoys a hug from daughter Harper, writing on Friday that they 'loved and missed' husband DavidCredit: victoriabeckham

But a spokeswoman for thecouplewas quick to shut down the rumours, saying:There is no statement due, no divorce, and a lot of Chinese whispers and fake social media news.

This is all very bizarre and an embarrassing waste of time.

A spokesman added: Its a crock of s**t.

Yesterday the A-list power couple had looked loved up at Fashion Week, while the angry dad of a woman linked to David dismissed the gossip as "nonsense".

Apparently, Posh and Becks have been addressing the reports with good humour, withVictoria even jokingly asking David are you divorcing me.



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Its been business as usual for the pair who have been posting snaps on Instagram over the weekend.

Hunky David posed in a T-shirt and joggers in a moody black and white Instagram snap.

He wrote: @House99 is gearing up, share your #GameReady looks.

David Beckham shares adorable video of him teaching his daughter Harper football

On Friday, Victoria posted a picture of her and daughter Harper saying that they 'loved and missed' David, who had been away on business.

She then brushed off the rumours the following day, sharing a snap of her and Romeo, before posting a sweet snap of the family with her mum and dad.


Credit: Getty - Contributor

The couple have blasted online claims they were splitting as 'rubbish'

The couple have been together for almost two decades


The couple have been together for almost two decadesCredit: Rex Features
The power couple were among the guests to attend the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


The power couple were among the guests to attend the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleCredit: Getty - Contributor
Posh and Becks marriage, children and scandals through the ages

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David Beckham Family, Family Tree

David Robert Joseph Beckham formally known as David Beckham is one of the finest professional English football player. Until 2016, he held the appearance record for an outfield player before Wayne Rooney surpassed his total. Beckham performed outstandingly for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, and the England National Team. Beckham was among the few players to win league titles in four countries: Spain, England, The United States and France. His debut as a professional footballer was from Manchester United in 1992 when he was 17 years old. Beckham is a right winger known best for his range of passing, bending-free kicks and crossing ability. Beckham made his debut in international football playing for England on 1 September 1996 at the age of 21. He was the captain for six long years; during this tenure he earned 58 caps. He made 115 career appearances in total, notably at three FIFA WORLD CUP tournaments (1998, 2002 and 2006) and two UEFA tournaments of (2000 and 2004)

Early Life:


Beckham was born on 2 May 1975 in East London (England). Ever since he was a child, Beckham dreamt of being a footballer and that was what he said to his teacher at school when he was asked what profession would he choose. He played football regularly in Ridgeway Park, Chingford, and he attended Chase Lane Primary School and Chingford County High School.




Beckham was the second child of Sandra Georgina who was a hair dresser and David Edward Alan Ted Beckham who was a kitchen fitter. He has two sisters; Lynne Georgina the elder sibling, and Joanne Louise the younger one.

Wife and Children


Beckham married Victoria Caroline Adams who is an acclaimed businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer. Victoria then was sensational as Posh Spice of the pop music group Spice Girls. Their chemistry greatly attracted the media and the couple was named Posh and Becks. Beckham proposed to Victoria on 24 January 1998 at a restaurant at Cheshunt in England. They were finally married on 4 July 1999 at a castle in Ireland. It was a gala occasion and the media was constantly kept away as Beckham had an exclusive deal with OK! Magazine. Yet the newspaper managed to get snaps of them sitting together on the golden throne. Beckhams teammate Grey Neville was the best man and the couples infant son Brooklyn was the ring bearer.


They have four children; eldest son, Brooklyn Joseph was born on 4 March 1999 and their elder son Romeo James was born on 1 September 2002 and their younger son Cruz David were born 20 February 2005 and the youngest daughter Harper Seven was born 10 July 2011.


In the early days when Beckham played for Manchester United, he lived in a four-bedroom house in Worsley that he bought in 1995. In 1999, Beckham purchased the most famous home in Hertfordshire, which is unofficially dubbed as Beckingham Palace and was reported to spend a huge amount for its renovation. Beckham says he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which he says makes him have everything in a straight line or everything has to be in pairs



Beckham played well enough to make it to the stars since the prime of his career. He was named the Professional Footballers Association Young Player of the Year in 1997, within a year he was a brilliant player of Englands World Cup team. In the year 1999, Beckham achieved another milestone of his career when he led Manchester United to the Premier League title. Beckham also earned the FA Cup championship and the Champions League title for his team. England qualified for the 2002 World Cup for his outstanding last minute free-kick against Greece in 2001. That very year, Manchester United signed Beckham for a three-year $22 million contract to remain with the team. But his stay was shorter and the soccer stunner was signed by Real Madrid. In 2007, Beckham moved across the Atlantic to sign up with the L.A. Galaxy to culminate his dominance. His career served a rough time during this period. Beckham faced several injuries and also had a bad sprained knee ligament during his first season in L.A. Later his Achilles tendon injury did not permit him to play in the 2010 World Cup.


On May 16, 2013 a few days after winning a title with French club at the age of 38, Beckham announced the mammoth decision of his retirement of his 21 years of soccer career.

Annual Income:

He is undoubtedly one of the richest soccer players in the world. He is estimated to earn about ?28.3m from sponsorship deals with brands Adidas, Sailsburys and Samsung, and has a new contract worth ?50m for the Chinese Super League.

Through a recent survey in France Football it is seen that Beckham earned less than five per cent of his total income through his wages while playing for LA Galaxy and PSG against the bulk coming in endorsements.

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