Is taylor lautner going to be in new moon

Is Taylor Lautner going to be in New Moon? | Yahoo Answers


well on friday he met with the Chris guy... the director to talk about the casting.

but people havent posted any news about his final decsion... and its really annoying.


I love taylor.

im obsessed.

and he played jacob great. and in his interviews he is saying he thinks he can do it and he wants to challenge himself as an actor.

i will be depressed and feeel bad if he is not it. because he is working so hard to get this part and he is only 16. and michael copon is ugly.... hes not perfect. and he is going in the interviews saying he is 6'2 and taylor is 5'6 but thats not true

taylor is 5'9

and probably still growing.



is taylor lautner going to be in new moon
Is Taylor Lautner going to be replaced in New Moon? | Yahoo Answers

there are gonna be all the movies up to breaking dawn.

no one is sure that he will be replaced.

only robert pattinson and kristen stewart so far have signed the contract to be part of the rest of the movies.

when going into the movie, no one else realized it was gonna be an amazing hit, so they signed the contract for the one movie.

the producers are currently trying to get the entire cast to return to the movie, most of them probably being successful:)

is taylor lautner going to be in new moon

Is Taylor Lautner going to be in 'New Moon?'? | Yahoo Answers

confident, it fairly is been shown. From Stephenie Meyer's website: sturdy information approximately New Moon from director Chris Weitz: i'm better than happy to announce that Taylor Lautner would be enjoying Jacob Black in New Moon and that he's doing so with the enthusiastic help of Summit entertainment, the manufacturers, and Stephenie Meyer. The characters in Stephenie's books pass by way of extraordinary transformations of situation and additionally visual charm; so it fairly is no longer concepts-blowing that there has been hypothesis approximately whether an identical actor might portray a character who transformations in maximum of concepts-blowing techniques by way of the series. whether it became into my first instinct that Taylor became into, is, and can be Jacob, and that the books may be perfect served by the actor who's emotionally suited for the area. i think of that followers of Twilight the e book and the action picture would be bowled over by the Jacob Black that Taylor will deliver to the demonstrate in New Moon; and that i'm looking forward to working with him and something of the solid in understanding the action picture. very perfect Chris Weitz

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