Who is in illuminati celebrities

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Deuteronomy 18: 9 When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. 10 There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer 11 or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, 12 for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the Lord your God, 14 for these nations, which you are about to dispossess, listen to fortune-tellers and to diviners. But as for you, the Lord your God has not allowed you to do this.

Proverbs 6: 12-14 ASV
A worthless person, a man of iniquity, Is he that walketh with a perverse mouth;
That winketh with his eyes, that speaketh with his feet, That maketh signs with his fingers;
In whose heart is perverseness, Who deviseth evil continually, Who soweth discord.

Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

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who is in illuminati celebrities
who is in illuminati celebrities

10 Illuminati Celebrities And The Things They Control

Have you ever heard the phrase information is power? Everybody with their head screwed on tight understands the immense power that having the right information holds. However, today everything is news, from the presidential races in the worlds most powerful nations, to Illuminati celebrities.

Speaking of the former, the internet has been buzzing for years with conspiracy theories about the secret Illuminati group and their ultimate mission to take over the world. Theories about the Illuminati differ slightly depending on its source, but they do have one common thread they purport that this secret society intends to establish a New World Order that would impose a totalitarian system of government across the globe. These theories also agree that members of this group are always high-profile members of society, the elite: religious leaders, politicians, musicians, actors, etc.

Where do these Theories Originate From?

Well, as it turns out, there actually existed a group in the 18th century called the Illuminati. It was established by a man named Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria who was sick of the Churchs influence and interference in public life and societal issues. With this group, he sought to bring an end to this trend. Adam molded his groups principles, ideologies, and structure to that of another secret society called the Freemasons. Like the Freemasons, the Order of the Illuminati, as it was called, included only members that were highly enlightened, educated and progressive in their thinking.

Historians believe that the original Illuminati was only mildly successful in its bid to become a powerful influence on society, even though it did have some influential members in their ranks. They were eventually brought down by a government crackdown in the late 1780s, but of course, the rumor mills never stopped spinning. It is believed that remnants of the group went underground and have continued to push their agenda to this day.

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10 Illuminati Celebrities and the Things they Control

Weve heard names of some of our favorite personalities thrown into the Illuminati mix. Basically, if you fit into any, a mixture of or all of the following categories, you belong to the Order of the Illuminati.

  • If you throw up any Illuminati-tagged hand signs
  • If you ever wear a piece of clothing with any of their signs printed on them literally or suggestively
  • If you are very famous in any industry
  • If you became an overnight success in any industry
  • If you have massive wealth
  • If you rub shoulders with anyone famous enough to be in the Illuminati

There are a lot more telltale signs but these are the most popular. Here, the focus is on celebrities. The people on this list have definitely pulled off one, a few or all of the above-stated actions. Heres a list of some Illuminati celebrities and the industries which they are believed to control.

1. Jay Z

Illuminati celebrities - Jay Z
Illuminati celebrities Jay Z

It makes no sense to start a list of Illuminati celebrities with any other name. Jay-Z is the most popular name for Illuminati hunters. According to various Illuminati sources, the rapper cum business mans ties to the society goes back a long time to the beginning of his career.

In fact, in his debut album in 1996, he had a song cryptically titledDEvils. On this track, he also had a line that talked about how the Illuminati wanted his mind, soul, and body. This was enough to send the Illuminati believers into overdrive, never mind the fact that the line was not original to him. Jay Z sampled the line from a song that belonged to fellow rapper Prodigy.

Jay Z, as we all know went on to arguably become a top name in the hip-hopindustry. Throughout his career, he has been known to make cryptic statements in his lyrics and throw around various occult symbols especially his signature triangle hand gesture in his videos and stage performances. The emcee has also, over the years, garnered a lot of wealth from his music and from various business ventures including his record labelRoc Nation,the music streaming serviceTidal,and a host of other businesses. In March 2018, Jay Z was named the wealthiest hip-hop act of 2018, with a net worth of $900 million. Of course, this is only the Illuminati rewarding him for his long-standing service to them, right?

2. Beyonce

Illuminati celebrities - Beyonce
Illuminati celebrities Beyonce

If Jay Z is the Illuminati King of the music industry, then it makes sense that his wife should be the Queen because why not? To drive it home, the music goddess is often referred to as Queen B. Of course, the songstress has denied her involvement with the society, calling the theory corny in her song Formation.To conspiracy theorists, this only serves to confirm their assertion, given that the Illuminatis most important rule is for their members to never talk about the society.

Beyonce also signs all the important Illuminati hand gestures like her hubby. In 2013, she made the greatest statement of her devotion to the society with her numerous hand signings at her SuperBowl halftime performance. She also repeated this at the 2017 Grammys. According to believers, Queen B is undoubtedly sitting atop the pile of female Illuminati celebrities.

3. Lady Gaga

Illuminati celebrities - Lady Gaga
Illuminati celebrities Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has a beautiful frame, a powerful voice, a magnetic stage presence and the dance moves to go with it a perfect Illuminati puppet. She had been pushing her music career since 2001, but only came into the spotlight in 2008 with the release of her albumThe Fame.The album topped charts across the US, Australia, and countries across Europe. Illuminatists believe this success was due to the help of the secret society which had just recruited her.

Then as if to further drive home the rumor, her 2017 Super Bowl half-time performance featured enough symbolism to make a believer out of any doubter.

4. LeBron James

Illuminati celebrities - LeBron James
Illuminati celebrities LeBron James

Illuminati celebrities also exist in the world of athletics. Enter LeBron James, one of the most successful athletes to ever walk the basketball court. When it comes to LeBrons achievements, the easier task is listing team and personal achievements that he has not attained; that will be a very short list.

Here are a few reasons this ultra-successful hoops player is seen as a prime candidate for Illuminati membership. First of all, James has been seen quite a few times signing one of the certified Illuminati hand gestures. While he was on the squad of Miami Heat, he wore the jersey number six, which is, of course, a very significant occultic number. Also, he has the words CHOSEN ONE tattoed on his back. Perhaps, the most telling is the fact that he has a public and long-standing friendship with Illuminati great, Jay Z.

5. Micheal Jackson

Illuminati celebrities - Michael Jackson
Illuminati celebrities Michael Jackson

Arguably no musician has had more influence in cultural evolution than the King of Pop himself Michael Jackson. Everything Michael did in his over four decades in the industry became part of popular culture: his dance moves, his music, and fashion. As at the time of his death, he was the best-selling music artist of all time. His net worth has only continued to increase since his death.

Michaels immense success and influence were enough for Illuminati watchers to believe that he definitely had the backing of the society. He seemed to push this notion with the dark themes in his music, especially in the days ofThriller. At some point, Jackson began to speak out against them and their thirst for total control of the industry. Believers agree that this is what prompted his public fall from grace and ultimately led to his death just days to the biggest concert of his career, thus sealing his place as a definite among the Illuminati celebrities in the music industry.

6. The Undertaker

Illuminati celebrities - Undertaker
Illuminati celebrities Undertaker image source

Now its time to check out Illuminati celebrities in the WWE. Mark The Undertaker Callaways entrance show in the first half of his professional career looked like something out of a horror movie; from the other-worldly theme music to his all-black ensemble and coffin accessory, it is not surprising that he makes this list.

The Deadman cum mortician character is also said to be a leader behind the scenes and an inspiration to a younger generation of wrestlers. Besides his other-worldly symbolisms, his contribution to professional wrestling has seen him rewarded with immense success and recognition by the Illuminati. If this society does exist, Callaway is definitely one of the higher-ups in its ranks.

7. David Rockefeller

Illuminati celebrities - David Rockefeller
Illuminati celebrities David Rockefeller image source

There are a few family names that can never be excluded when discussing world history. One of them is Rockefeller. David Rockefeller, like his grandfather, the infamous John D. Rockefeller, is said to definitely belong to this secret group of Illuminati celebrities. During his lifetime, he was known for his vast domestic and foreign political connections. It is believed he leveraged these connections to seal secret and lucrative business deals. Conspiracy theorists believe all of his political friends were also members of the Illuminati.

At the time of his death, his net worth was estimated at $3.3 billion. David Rockefeller met two of the most vital prerequisites for Illuminati membership wealth and power.

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8. Jacob Rothschild

Illuminati celebrities - Jacob Rothschild
Illuminati celebrities Jacob Rothschild image source

Another descendant of one of the most famous families in world history. The Rothschild banking empire was started by Jacobs great-grandfather, Mayer Von Rothschild in 1798. Mayer is believed to be one of the earliest members and the earliest financial backer of the Order of the Illuminati. It is also believed that the familys financial involvement in the secret society was continued through the generations. Today, the financial responsibility of the Rothschild family to the Illuminati rests on the shoulders of Jacob Rothschild, who happens to have immense connections with the high and mighty and a ten-digit net worth to go with it.

9. Dr. Dre

Illuminati celebrities - Dr. Dre
Illuminati celebrities Dr. Dre image source

And now its back to the world of music. Next on our list of Illuminati celebrities is the music icon Dr. Dre. This man is considered the progenitor of what is known as the west coast rap style. In his time, he has produced albums for some great names like 2Pac, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, The Game, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar etc. He is also the founder of Beats Electronics the company that makes the infamous Beats by Dre headphones which was acquired by Apple in 2014 for a whopping $3 billion.

So whats the claim for his Illuminati membership?

Have you ever noticed how the styling of the letter b imprinted on the Beats By Dre headsets kind of looks like the number 6? Illuminatists believe that the shape and the name of the companys portable speaker, Beats Pill, is also another dead giveaway. How they came to that conclusion evades explanation.

10. JK Rowling

Illuminati celebrities - JK Rowling
Illuminati celebrities JK Rowling image source

The last name on this list of Illuminati celebrities made her fortune from her ultra-successful Harry Potterbook series. Besides the fact that theHarry Potterbook series promoted the use of magic which was condemned by some critics conspiracy theorists believe that it was the author herself that was under a spell. They believed she was under the influence of Illuminatis monarch mind control program that had been used successfully on other new entrants into the society, like Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears.

And as if that wasnt enough, they stretched the theory a little bit more. It was believed that Rowling was really just a pawn used to sell the Harry Potter stories. Believers purported that the books were actually written by someone else, a man shrouded in mystery who was said to have fathered a child by Rowling. He was also believed to be the son of the German dictator Hitler, and Unity Mitford, the British socialite.

A bit much, dont you think? But who are we to say otherwise.

Famous Celebrities Who Are Apparently Illuminati Members

Celebrity illuminati members include names, such as Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Jay Z and Miley Cyrus.

The word Illuminati has been a subject of mystery and curiosity for people all over the world for decades now. The word has been derived from Latin, which roughly translates to enlightenment. Many people around the world generally believe that the Illuminati is a secret society which comprises of a few handful members, most of whom belong to the elite class. There have been numerous speculations about the activities that allegedly happen during illuminati gatherings. Many online sources have enlisted the names of celebrities who apparently belong to the illuminati and quite a few of them are famous worldwide. An online source has alleged that several Hollywood insiders, people employed with the U.S space giant NASA and even pontiffs from the Vatican City are associated with the illuminati. In fact, some sources have even alleged the Pope to be a member of the secret society. American actress Angelina Jolie, pop icons Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Jay Z and Kanye West are a few noteworthy names who apparently belong to the illuminati. Mystery still prevails as to why such renowned names have been part of a cult which has always been a subject of controversy. Some of these names might even shock you.

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