Rihanna birthday date

RIHANNA’S BIRTHDAY - February 20, 2020 | National Today

Rihanna entertains us with her awesome pop numbers and inspires us with the way she lives life on her own terms. And that’s reflected in the sartorial risks she takes with her unique and edgy looks that crush the red carpet every time! Plus, her music videos are the best! On February 20 let’s give this special lady a shout-out for being awesome and one of a kind. Riri, you’re just…Riri!

Rihanna’s Birthday timeline


Where the streets have her name

The Barbados prime minister held a ceremony changing Rihanna's childhood street name from Westbury New Road to Rihanna Drive.


Best Dressed on MET Gala

Her unforgettable yellow silk robe took two years for Chinese couturier Guo Pei to design.


The Icon Award

Rihanna accepted the first-ever American Music Awards "Icon Award." Her mother, Monica Braithwaite, presented it to her. Sweet!


Grammy nod

She got her first Album of the Year nomination for "Loud ."


Rihanna was a hit from the start

The hit single "Pon de Replay" from her debut studio album "Music of the Sun" climbed all the way to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart!

How to Celebrate Rihanna’s Birthday

Watch her music videos

Check out "Russian Roulette" and "Disturbia," both famous for their dark imagery. The former features Rihanna playing Russian roulette in a padded room.

Throw a RiRi party

You can really dance to RiRi's songs! May we recommend "Desperado," "Wild Thoughts," "Love on the Brain," and "Pose" to get the party started!

Celebrate on social media

If you follow Bad Gal RiRi on social media, you know she once wore a shirt proclaiming "I hate RiRi" for her birthday. What will she do next? Stay entertained!

5 Reasons Rihanna Rocks

She uses her middle name

Rihanna is actually her middle name. Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Her voice is unique

Her voice is a “mezzo-soprano” which covers three octaves.

No umbrellas please

The UK once banned umbrellas from her concerts in case fans copied the moves she had performed in the song "Umbrella" — possibly injuring people!

Barbados honors their girl

Her native Barbados created a national holiday to honor Rihanna!


Before going on stage she always drinks a shot of dark liquor.

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rihanna birthday date
rihanna birthday date

Google Rihanna and Your Birthday


Google Rihanna and Your Birthday is a social game in which participants post the results of a Google search of their own birthday and the recording artist Rihanna. Those results determine what the participant should wear on their birthday based on what Rihanna is wearing in the photograph.


On February 17th, 2019, Twitter @ChipdNudePolish tweeted, "Google Rihanna and your birthday to see which outfit you get." The tweet also featured photographs of the Google search and the results. The post received more than 3,100 retweets and 14,000 likes in two days (shown below).

Google Rihanna and your birthday to see which outfit you get Q25th 25 2018 Q 25th 2018 Skin How to Get Glowing Skin We get a lot of questions about glow at goop (GP's makeup-free selfies are.. IT RDS Gaop-2hr ago 1:22 AM-17 Feb 2019 Product Text Dress


Following the post, others online posted their own Rihanna birthday outfits. Twitter user @braziIeiro tweeted an image of Rihanna wearing a mask. The post received more than 120 retweets and 1,300 likes in two days (shown below, left). Throughout the day, more people participated in the game (examples below, center and right).

#Rihanna on my birthday 11:12 AM-18 Feb 2019 Temporary tattoo Arm Hand DesignI know what I'm wearing for my birthday this year #Rihanna 12:42 PM - 18 Feb 2019 White Clothing Dress Leg Arm Shoulder Fashion Joint Human leg FootwearMajor Leo vibes. Rihanna on my birthday. 12:51 PM-18 Feb 2019 Human

Several media outlets covered the game, including The Daily Dot, TIME, Uproxx, Teen Vogue and more.

On February 18th, Twitter published a Moments page on the trend.

Various Examples

Replying to @ChipdNudePolish For the record, April 5th was a good day for Our Queen FEMTY BEAUT BY RIHANNA BY RIHAN TY BEA EAUTY ANNA RIHANNA R A SEP BY R BY RIHANNA HORA E A BEAUTY HANNA T Y Y RIHA EAUTY NNA HORA SE ЕИTY BEAUTY FEWTY BY RIHANNA B Y SE 3:52 PM - 17 Feb 2019 from Manhattan, NY Dress ShoulderReplying to @ChipdNudePolish @pfpicardi I feel so blessed. May 18 a rihanna may 18 2:57 PM-17 Feb 2019 FashionReplying to @ChipdNudePolish @CurlsFoTheGirls ALL IMAGES NEWS VIDEOS MAPS Latest GIF HD ?Product vanguard award drake fashion vmas gett 1:37 PM-17 Feb 2019 Green Fashion
Replying to @ChipdNudePolish March 3rd, A LOOK 1:59 PM-17 Feb 2019 Rihanna Drake Eyewear Fashion Snapshot Blazer OuterwearReplying to @ChipdNudePolish April 10th, I'm thrilled fD 2da 4:20 PM- 17 Feb 2019 Rihanna Product Text Font FashionI got Rihanna in a beanie which feels v on brand gettyimages SAV 3:42 PM-17 Feb 2019 Fashion Fashion design

Search Interest

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External References

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake, another song from Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” album, is another sex song. If you really thought, she was talking about birthday cake, go run into a cactus. This long, gone good girl is talking about how she is receiving sex that can be equivalent to the sex people receive on their birthday, which is supposed to be mind-blowing. Her man wants that “cake” and is well at “lick[ing] the icing off” and eating the cake.

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