Pink upholstered headboards

pink upholstered headboards

pink upholstered headboards
Girls Upholstered Headboard - Ideas on Foter

All of us know how important beds are. If you have been searching for a nice headboard for your little daughter, this might be just what you need. There are various shapes, designs and colours available down here so decide which one is the best option for yourself. Are you ready?

Wall Mounted Upholstered Headboard - Ideas on Foter

A wall-mounted upholstered headboard attaches securelyto your wall so you can lay backwith confidence. It alsogives youa soft surface for sitting uprightas you read, watch television,talk on the phone or do work on your laptop.

In addition to being more comfortable than a headboardmade of wood, a wall-mounted upholstered headboard gives you the opportunity to pull together the design elements in your bedroomby coordinating it withother furnishings as well asthe color on the wall behind your bed. Your headboard could become the center attraction of your bedroom. And it could become so much of thefocal point that inyour planning you decide to settle on a theme for your bedroom.

What different styles of wall-mounted headboards are there?

Some frames ofwall-mounted upholstered headboards have scallop-shaped edges. This shape can add sparkle to a headboard thats covered in a neutral color.Stillothers have a wood frame with posts.

The fabric used to upholster headboards can be in a pattern or solid,and detailing gives them even more character. Detailing includes nailhead trim, cording, and tufts.Thicker paddingallows for thicker tufts, which adds to the luxurious feeling of a headboard.

How to decorate with awall-mounted upholstered headboard?

Anupholstered headboard thats in creamor some other neutral color gains sparkle if its in an elegant shape such a frame with stair steps. Give some thought to decor elements when pairing an upholstered headboard with wallpaper.If the wallpaper is bold, tryto match the fabric to the more subtle colorin the wallpaper.For example, ifthewallpaper behind the bed isapattern ofcharcoal gray and cream, then consider a headboard incream-coloredfabric.

If you are going to paint the wall behind your headboard, paint it one or two shades lighter than the color of the fabric. Wantnailhead trim? Shyaway from fabric with patterns or bold color. Also, ensure that the nailheadsare large enough to be seen when looking at the headboard from the entrance.

How to pair a wall-mounted upholstered headboardwith other furnishings?

You can use the fabric in yourwall mounted upholstered headboard to accent other accessories.Consider making a skirt for your bed out the same fabric. If your headboard fabric is blackand white, think about usingone or bothof thosecolorsinyour floor, pillows, lamp or throws.

If youre doing your bedroom over completely and you are unsure which way to go with an upholstered headboard, go with a neutral color such as beige,taupe or gray so changes will be easier later.A wall-mounted upholstered headboard can make any bedroom pop while letting you relax.

Silver Upholstered Headboard - Ideas on Foter

Your bed surely has to be comfortable, doesnt it? The headboards presented below can make it even nicer and more comfortable. Those that you can see on this site, vary in terms of their style, size, colour and other details. Browse through these photos and choose the most inspiring for yourself.

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