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35 Trendy Korean Hairstyles for Men - Korean Haircuts 2017

If we talk about Asian hairstyles then Korean hairstyles are among the top of list due to edgy looks. Asian people usually have thick straight hair that can be styled in a variety of shaggy hairstyles. Some unique Korean men hairstyles for college students are shared here that will make you stand out of crowd. So if you want to look cool and stylish on party or friends gathering then you must chose a good Asian haircut from below list. Just make sure that the Korean hairstyle you choose suits your facial features. Also consider your hair texture and length while going for a new haircut.

If you are a busy person and don’t have much time to style complex hairstyles then its good to go for short Korean hairstyles. These are very easy to style and require minimum maintenance. So if you are tired of trying the old classic styles then its perfect time for you to go for a funky one. You will definitely look handsome wearing such modern Asian haircuts. The famous celebrities and rockstar are usually seen with such dashing looks. So let’s have a look at popular K-pop hairstyles for guys worn by people all around the world.

Popular Korean Men Hairstyles

1# Short and Slick Look:

The first one in the list is short and slick Korean hairstyle which is going to be a big hit in 2017. This style is very simple and commonly adopted by businessmen and professionals. Just apply some hair wax evenly to your hair and brush the hair to get this awesome hairstyle with fingers.

1. Short and Slick trendy Korean Hairstyles

2# Short Two-Block Korean Hairstyles:

This is another simple yet elegant Korean Hairstyle. In this look, the crown hair are medium or short as per your requirement, and hair on the lower back and sides are trimmed short.

2. Short Two-Block trendy Korean Hairstyles

3# Dandy Medium Fringe-Up Korean Hairstyles:

This Korean Hairstyle is very famous, especially among the young guys.  The cool thing about this style is that you can style it in variety of ways. the hairs are cut very short from the sides just like undercut while the top hair are kept longer. The top hairs can be styled with a brush to form a shaggy look.

3. Dandy Medium Fringe-Up Korean Hairstyles

4# the Mohawk Korean Hairstyle:

Next on the list is the Mohawk hairstyle that is getting much popular among Asians since last few years. Its a classic hairstyle with some modern modifications that make it ultimate sexy and unique.

4. the Mohawk Korean Hairstyles

5# Short Haircut With Diagonal Cut Korean Hairstyle:

If you’re looking for a simple and short Asian hairstyle, this is the one for you. The best thing about the style is that it is always ready without any effort. You don’t need to any hair product and also it can be styled in just 2 minutes by simply using a comb.

5. cool Short Haircut With Diagonal Cut Korean Hairstyle

6# Short Textured Korean Hairstyle:

Here comes another short yet elegant look which is very similar to the 1980’s hairstyles. This classic look requires medium length hair that are parted from one side. A small amount of pomade can help to keep the hairstyle intact for the whole day. If you are looking for a simple and classic hairstyle then this one is the best for you.

6. classic Short Textured Korean Hairstyle

7# Spiked Short Korean Hairstyle

This is a boyish hairstyle which is a combination of fohawk and pomadour. For this, you need to grow your hairs and style them in a messy format on top to form a pompadour+fohawk combination. If you find it difficult to manage the hairstyle then apply some hair product for quick styling.

 7. Spiked Short Korean Hairstyle for men

8# WideFace SpikedShort Korean Hairstyle

This is another short and sexy hairstyle for Korean men. It is specially for those who have thick hair. All you need to do is to apply some hair gel and get this hairstyle by passing your fingers through the hair strands. A very nice hairstyle for summer season.

8. Wide Face Spiked Short Korean Hairstyle for men

9# The Curtain Fringe Korean Hairstyle:

This is a long layered hairstyle which is textured with golden brown color. It is just like the typical Korean hairstyles including EMO looks that feature long fringes on sides and bangs on the forehead. For this haircut, you need to grow your hair long and then get an irregular cut to form messy fringes. You can apply some hair spray to finish this ultimate Korean hairstyle look.9. beautiful Curtain Fringe Korean Hairstyle

10# K-Pop and Korean Hairstyle:

The last on the list is K-pop which is very famous Korean Hairstyle. The hairs are kept much longer in length and the long fringes are left on the forehead to form this medium long shaggy look.

10. beautiful K-Pop and Korean Hairstyle for men


Trendy Korean Hairstyles for Men 2017

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17. Stylish Hairstyle for Asian Guys with Bangs

18. Rough and Messy Korean Hairstyle 2017

19. Stylish Messy Haircut for Korean MenStylish Messy Haircut for Korean Men

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korean celebrities hairstyles
korean celebrities hairstyles

15 Best Korean Hairstyles For Girls | Styles At Life

Korean Hairstyles are a major indicator in the Korean society. While a simple braid signifies a single woman, a bun signifies a married woman. There are various fashion clans that follow various dressing styles and do their hair in a special way. While there are others who infuse the latest fashions, there are others who are trendsetters in hairstyles all over the world. Here is a look at the very best korean hairstyles.

Beautiful Korean Hairstyles For Girls With Pictures:

This article provide a list of 15 amazing korean hairstyles for girls and women with images that are very fine to follow easily.

1. Ribbon Bun:

The ribbon bun is a very traditional Korean hairstyle. It basically involves pinning up hair in a bun and making pretty patterns with it. Finally add pretty bow shaped accessories and clips to give it a touch of color. The grander version is made with a pile up of multiple bouffant with very traditional and elaborate accessories.

2. Korean Pixie Shag:

Razor sharp cut out streaks suit the small shaped porcelain Korean faces. They look more stunning when done in a varied texture and color format. It is a hit across borders as most A-list celebrities are spotted sporting this look. This is very cute korean hairstyle for girls with short hair that looks so awesome.

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3. The Baby Doll:

Korean Hairstyles 3

This is simultaneously the cutest as well as the hottest hairstyle amongst Korean hairstyle  women with long hair. The heavy fringe and the curls at the lower end add a touch of romantic fervor. Best kept open, this hairstyle is perfect for streaking and accessorizing.

4. The Panda Ears (Odango):

These are super cute buns that look like panda ears on your head. Inspired by the anime Sailor Moon this is a roaring hit amongst anime loving Koreans. It is essentially two coiled up buns on either side of your hair. This style is cute as a button. This is one of the latest and most popular korean hairstyles for girls and women with long hair.

5. Asymmetrical Bob:

This hair style is the most copied style from the Korean look book. It’s basically a bob with longer bangs progressing towards the face. The final bangs that fall over your face are the longest. It’s a very slick style that suits the poker straight Korean hair. It can be a short bob or a longer one.

This is another simplest korean hairstyle for girls with straight medium length hair. One can rock the day with this style of korean. Do be get late try this look on your hair to join in the fashion trend.

6. The Swept Back Fringe Style:

This hairstyle is a simpler one where the length of the hair can be flaunted best. Usually most Koreans have fringes or bangs. This style just collects the front middle portion of the bangs or fringes and sweeps it back into a pretty hair clip. This korean hair style with long hair opens up the face and is a borderline Lolita inspired hair style.

7. Long High Side Ponytail For Wedding:

Koreans are known for their long and flowing straight hair which is quite evident from all their anime features. So here is a mix between the anime styling and the side pony. Its fun and can be textured with the Ombre style to make it stand out.

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8. Messy Top Knot:

Top knot, which is the hottest hair trend the world over is traditionally Korean since generations. The mix between the messy hair and top knot gives us this traditional korean girls hairstyle with a contemporary touch. It is low maintenance and gives this careless beauty demeanor that is very appealing.

9. Front Braid Lolita Ponytails:

Lolita fashion is a trademark Korean style where girls dress up like dolls right from hair, make-up to even how they carry themselves. Their ponytails are extremely voluminous and are adorned with pretty ribbons and accessories. Add to that the latest braid revival and you get this stylish setting. It gathers together the bangs and fringes to give a neat and adorable style. Most of the girls like to flaunt this korean hairstyle for weddings also.

10. Neat Quirks:

Korean Hairstyles for Girls 10

The hairstyle that you see here defines a very classic wedding look. So if you yourself are a Korean girl or are having a Korean themed wedding, this can easily be your hairstyle for the arriving big day. Everything about this hairstyle is good and fun. The bangs are all brought together at one point in the end, giving the look a classic yet fun vibe. The end result is a thick leaf styled design. The hairdo can upgrade your sense of style to a whole new level, particularly if you have friends who appreciate experimenting with the style they choose.

11. Straight Pixie Korean Hairstyle For Girls:

Korean Hairstyles for Girls 11

If you want to go for a public event like an interview but don’t know how to style your short hair to get a more formal look, here’s some hint that you can take note of and appreciate. It has a very sleek as well as smart approach all on a whole to make your hair speak volumes. If you have thick hair, it might get a little difficult to manage, so keep a lot of abundant hairspray around. The pixie isn’t edgy or perky, but it still adds to the flavor of twist and grabs your attention any way.

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12. Braid Korean Girls Hairstyle:

Korean Hairstyles for Girls 12

If you love to go to events but are tired of the long hair that moves around all over the place and becomes a reason of annoyance, tie it up like this one. The classic Korean hairstyle that this is, it will be a hit if you sport it, particularly since you will take everyone by surprise. The front is kept loose, so that it looks more casual, while the hair is braided very neatly. You can wear it with every western wear without looking too formal like the usual tied up braid.

13. Front Bangs:

Korean Hairstyles for Girls 13

This Korean female hairstyle is more of a short bob look with front bangs to brag of. It is one of the new ones on the trend and features a beautiful up do. However, if you have straight hair, accomplishing the end curls might get difficult for you without a curler, so have your accessories in place before you begin. Also, having layers on your hair will not do you any good with this hairstyle. The bob hairstyle here is very Korean down to the basic. The bangs enhance the beauty of this hairstyle, making it simple and casual for any event you attend.

14. Broad Forehead Hairstyle:

Korean Hairstyles for Girls 14

When you want cute Korean hairstyles to make you look like the diva that you are, this hairstyle is a different approach to the classic short hairstyle with a twist. Although there are layers on the hair, they are not anywhere on the face. This makes it easier to accentuate your facial structure. If you have a round face though, this hairstyle won’t quite suit you since it will make you appear rounder. On the other hand, if you have a broad forehead and an egg shaped face, no one else is a better candidate for this haircut than you.

15. Messy Pixie:

Korean Hairstyles for Girls 15

With the messy touch, this ruffled Korean hairstyle for girls will make you look formally casual at the same time. Ideal for office parties, your short hair will be undergoing a happy makeover with this hairstyle.

The top 15 Korean hairstyles for girls have been put up and discussed here. Now, take your time and decide the ones that you want to keep on your wish list to try out. So try out these korean cute hairstyles for girls and add a dash of oriental to your look.

Images Source: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.

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