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I Belong to You (Lenny Kravitz song)
Jump to navigation Jump to search "I Belong to You"Lenny I Belong To You.jpgStandard non-US artworkSingle by Lenny Kravitzfrom the album 5ReleasedSeptember 23, 1998Format
  • CD
  • maxi CD
  • Soft rock
  • reggae fusion
Length4:17LabelVirgin AmericaSongwriter(s)Lenny KravitzProducer(s)Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz singles chronology "Thinking of You"
(1998) "I Belong to You"
(1998) "Fly Away"

"I Belong to You" is a song by American rock musician Lenny Kravitz from his fifth studio album 5 (1998). It was written and produced by Kravitz and released by Virgin Records America as the album's third single on September 23, 1998. The song features a soft rock and reggae-inspired sound.

Track listing

The single featured several remixes for his previous single "If You Can't Say No", apart from the "I Belong to You" song.

"I Belong to You" – 4:17 "If You Can't Say No" (Flunky in the Attic Mix) – 5:16 "If You Can't Say No" (Just Say No Mix) – 6:00 "If You Can't Say No" (BT Twilo Dub) – 8:02 "If You Can't Say No" (Dallas Austin Mix) – 4:45

UK edition

"I Belong to You" – 4:17 "If You Can't Say No" (Flunky in the Attic Mix) – 5:16 "If You Can't Say No" (BT Twilo Dub) – 8:02


Chart Peak
position U.S. Billboard Hot 100[1] 71 US Billboard Adult Top 40[2] 15 UK Singles Chart (Official Charts Company)[3] 75

Music video

The music video, directed by Mark Seliger and Fred Woodward, was shot from October 6–7, 1998. It is set in the Bahamas, from where the family of his mother, Roxie Roker hailed. It visually expanded the reggae influence of the song. Kravitz was filmed singing and dancing among the people, also walking and biking along the streets. Another scene from the video features Kravitz singing while submerged up to his stomach in the ocean. It should be also noted that Kravitz departed from his signature dreadlocks with this video.


All instruments and vocals performed by Lenny Kravitz, except the toy piano, performed by Terry Manning.

The Flunky in the Attic Mix was mixed by Billy Corgan, lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins.


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