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Pink Bunny Games LLC

YES, We are ALWAYS buying cards for CA$H!

We buy all Magic cards, as well as many cards from other games. We always want to buy your cards.

If you have something special, or that is not on our list, feel free to email us with any questions.

Remember, no collection is too large or too small, we buy them all. From bulk rares to Power Nine, we want everything.

All prices listed are for cards in Near Mint to Mint condition. If you have cards that are in less than Near Mint condition, we will still purchase them, but it will be at a lower rate.

Cards in less than NM condition are generally purchased at the following rate deductions:

LP - 85%

MP - 70%

HP - 50%

These rates may vary for higher value cards (above $99.99 sell price on our site) and for cards from rare printings and sets.

We buy bulk!

These prices are for bulk cards. Bulk pricing is for cards in near mint condition. Cards must be in standard card storage containers (white cardboard boxes made for holding cards, not old shoe boxes, or plastic grocery bags). Cards must be facing the same direction, must be clean, and free of odor. Cards must be unsorted, not alphabetized, separarted by color or set.

We do buy cards that are not in near mint condition, but the rate is lower.

Bulk Commons/Uncommons (must have a 10% uncommon mix or higher) $3 per 1000 cards. ($0.003 each)

Bulk Commons $2 per 1000 ($0.002 each)

Bulk Uncommons $8 per 1000($0.008 each)

Bulk Rares $0.05 each

Bulk Rares (1000+) $0.06 each

Bulk Mythic Rares $0.25 each

Bulk Foil Commons/Uncommons $0.05 each

Bulk Foil Rares $0.20 each

Bulk Foil Mythics $0.50 each

Bulk Promos $0.05

Bulk Basic Lands $4 per 1000 ($0.005 each)

Bulk Spin Down Dice $0.25 each

Bulk Fat Pack Boxes (must contain all 3 parts, box, lid, insert) $0.25 each

Bulk Booster Pack Tokens $1 per 1000 ($0.001 each)

Here is how the selling process works:

1.Make sure that you are in buylist mode. Youll know that you are in buylist mode when you see a grey bar at the top of the screen that says "You are browsing our store's buylist", and all of the buttons next to items will say "Sell".

2.You can browse the product tree on the left or use the drop down search bar at the top (make sure that buylist is checked) to quickly and easily find the cards that youd like to sell us. Once you have found a card you would like to sell, simply add the appropriate number of the card to theSell Cart.

3.To edit your cart or checkout, simply click on the edit or sell button within the dropdown cart box at the top.

4.Follow the on screen instructions to finish your sell order.

5.Please wait for the confirmation email to arrive. After your buylist is submitted, we have to double-check that all of the prices are accurate and that we still need the cards listed. This process usually takes less than24 hours, but may take up totwobusiness days. Please read this email carefully when it arrives because changes are sometimes made. If you do not receive a confirmation email withintwobusiness days, please contact us at414-304-5305so we can manually confirm the status of your buylist.

6.Print out the confirmation email and include it with your cards. We receive buylists, from time to time, with no name on them and consequently have a difficult time locating the seller. This is very bad and in some cases can mean many days, if not weeks, of delays. Make sure that your cards are sorted in theexact order that they appear on your confirmation email. If your cards arrive out of order, there may be an additional delay of up to 5 business days before payment is sent.

Please note that we reserve the right to charge a labor fee for fixing any order that is sent to us not in the correct order from the confirmation email. That labor fee will be $10 per hour that it takes to reorganize the cards to be the same as the email list. This amount will be deducted from your total. This labor fee will ONLY be charged for cards that do not arrive in the correct order. If you pack the cards the way they are listed in the email, you will have nothing to worry about.

7.Be sure to package your cards safely and securely. We recommend the use of plastic card cases or cardboard trading card boxes. Please make sure that all cards are de-sleeved as this will speed up the process of getting you paid. Do not put cards in zip lock bags or wrap them with rubber bands as this tends to do more damage than good. Make sure your cards are not loose in the package. Loose cards slide around, and become damaged during the shipping process. For small buylists of high value cards, plastic toploaders sealed in bubble mailers work very well. Were certain that you dont want your cards to get damaged during transit, nor do we, so we cannot stress enough the importance of proper packaging for your cards.

8.All packages are to be shipped to the following address:

Pink Bunny Games LLC

ATTN: Buyer

1204 Minnesota Ave


South milwaukee, WI 53172

We also highly suggest that you purchase some form of tracking and/or insurance for your package. Though it is rare, things do occasionally get lost or damaged in transit so you should make sure that you have taken the necessary precautions. We are not responsible for your items until they arrive here in our hands.

9.We fully understand that sometimes there are delays in shipping out your cards to us, but due to the often volatile nature of CCG prices, we ask that all buylists sent to us are received at our store withinfivebusiness days of their acceptance. After that time, any prices we've quoted are subject to change.

10.We will send an email to you when your package arrives at our store. You will receive another email once your cards have been graded and a final value has been determined. This process is usually done within 24 hours but may take as long astwobusiness days. Please refer to the paragraph above that lists the prices for non-NM cards. In order to make sure that everyone who sells cards to us is completely satisfied with their experience, we email all sellers whose buylists depreciate bymore than 10%in value due to downgrades in condition before we complete their submission. If we do not receive a reply withintwobusiness days, we continue to process their submission as usual.

11.We offer payment via PayPal, Check, or Store Credit. Please note that if you select payment via PayPal, some fees may apply. Payments will be sent out within two business days of sending you the final value email.

The prices on our buylist are subject to change. The prices on our buylist represent the price we will pay you for a near mint card that you have entered into our system, properly sorted and delivered to us. The prices on our buylist may not be the same price that is offered to you if you bring cards to us at an event or in to the store without properly processing them through our automated system.


Events Pink Bunny Games LLC

Upcoming Special Events:

This is our event schedule at our Physical store.

Click on a Link below to see our Events!

Magic: The Gathering Events

Yu-Gi-Oh! Events

Dragon Ball Z Events

Pokemon Events

Board Games

We have a static weekly event schedule as follows:


- Open gaming


- Open gaming


- 6pm - Board Game Demo Night - Come in and learn a new game FREE

- 5pm - Heroclix


- 5pm - Dragon Ball Z - $5

- Pokemon fun play - 5pm


- 5pm - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Advanced

- 7pm - $10 Standard FNM (big prizes) - (Magic: The Gathering) entrants receive 2 participation packs and a promo + prizes based on record after 4 rounds of play.

- 8pm Booster Draft


- 1pm - Standard Win-a-Box - (Magic: the Gathering)

- 2pm - 4 Man Commander* Pods (ongoing all day)

- 6pm - Commander/EDH* for large Prizes (Magic: the Gathering)


- 4pm Yu-Gi-Oh! - Advanced

If there is an event that you would like to see in our store on a weekly basis, let us know about it, and we will try to get that event running for you!

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PinkBunny e il sexy shop online sicuro e discreto

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I sex toys sono diventati oggi i migliori amici delle coppie. Non sono piu visti come un tabu, ma come un valido aiuto per migliorare e sperimentare qualcosa di nuovo e fantasioso all'interno della vita sessuale delle coppie e dei single. Vibratori e dildo portano varieta all'interno della vita sessuale ma non ci sono solo sextoys... all'interno del nostro sexy shop troverete anche giochi erotici, lingerie sexy e per i piu audaci, una sezione dedicata interamente al mondo bondage e sadomaso. Potete spaziare dalle pratiche BDSM al massaggio erotico piu sensuale con l'utilizzo di oli da massaggio, candele e profumazioni afrodisiache o trovare idee regalo per occasioni speciali come San Valentino e addio al nubilato. Non puo inoltre mancare la sezione dove potete trovare lubrificanti e detergenti per i vostri giocattoli erotici.

Il tuo sexy shop online di fiducia

Facciamo ogni giorno del nostro meglio per rendere ineguagliabile l'intera esperienza di acquisto. Vogliamo che PinkBunny diventi il ??tuo sexy shop online di fiducia ed e per questo che ti offriamo tutti i servizi per effettuare i tuoi acquisti online in modo sicuro e totalmente discreto:

  • Siamo MOLTO discreti! Le spedizioni vengono effettuate in comuni scatole di cartone senza elementi che possono indicare il nome del negozio o che potrebbero lasciare intuire il contenuto del pacco. Il nome del mittente e sostituito da una sigla anonima e quindi neanche il corriere e a conoscenza del contenuto del pacco.
  • Siamo MOLTO veloci! Tutti i prodotti disponibili in magazzino e ordinati entro le ore 14 di un giorno lavorativo, vengono consegnati in 24/48 ore in tutta Italia. Vogliamo che tu possa godere del tuo acquisto il prima possibile!
  • Il pagamento verra effettuato in modo sicuro con qualsiasi modalita che deciderai di scegliere: PayPal, carta di credito, Amazon Pay, bonifico bancario. Tutte le transazioni relative al pagamento avvengono tramite connessione protetta dal protocollo TLS (Transport Layer Security). Le informazioni finanziarie verranno gestite, tramite connessione protetta, direttamente dal sito dell'istituto bancario che gestisce la transazione.
  • Trattiamo i tuoi dati personali in modo riservato. I dati che fornisci al momento dell'acquisto non verranno mai utilizzati per altri scopi commerciali, ne venduti a terzi. In qualsiasi momento, puoi annullare l'iscrizione al nostro database e tutte le informazioni personali verranno eliminate.
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