Celebrities born on august 14

celebrities born on august 14

celebrities born on august 14
What celebrities were born on August 14 - Answers

Celebrities born on August 14 include:

Tim Tebow (quarterback) - born 1987

Mila Kunis (actress) - born 1983

Susan Olsen ("Cindy Brady") - born 1971

Catherine Bell (TV actress) - born 1968

Halle Berry (actress) - born 1966

Sarah Brightman (opera singer) - born 1960

Magic Johnson (basketball star) - born 1959

Jackee Harry (actress) - born 1956

Gary Larson (cartoonist) - born 1950

Susan Saint James (TV actress) - born 1946

Steve Martin (comic actor) - born 1945

David Crosby (singer, Crosby Stills & Nash) - born 1941

Darryl Crofts (singer, Seals and Crofts) - born 1940

Lina Wertmuller (Italian film director) - born 1928 (or 1926)

Historically, August 14 was the birthday of :

Doc Holliday, gunslinger and sheriff (1851-1887)

Alice Ghostley, TV comic actress (1923-2007)

celebrities born on august 14

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