Male celebrities with wigs

male celebrities with wigs

male celebrities with wigs
10 Male Celebs You Didnt Know Wear Wigs & Hair Systems

While people still think twice before buying wigs, movie stars and celebrities have been rocking wigs and hair systems for years. In fact, people have witnessed multiple occasions where famous celebrities who wear wigs and hair systems came out in public admitting it. Andre Agassi is a classic example who admitted that he wore wigs during the 90s!

Although female celebs like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry wear wigs for fashion, male stars usually wear them to hide thinning hair and balding areas. To create awareness about this interesting hair affair, we have come up with the list of male celebrities & superstars who wear wigs, hairpieces, toupees, and hair systems to hide their baldness.

Let's walk through this amazing list of male movie stars you didn't know wear wigs and hair systems:

Charlie Sheen

Who doesn't know the infamous Charlie Sheen? He was once the highest paid TV actor in the world and is still known for his amazing performances. The Two & Half Men star has been spotted numerous times with both balding head and a full head of hair.

Male celebrities who wear wigs

Though he has never admitted it in public, it's pretty obvious that he wears a wig or toupee. Dear Charlie, you won't reveal but we know your hair secret!

Ben Affleck

If we tell you that our reel-life Batman is totally bald, would you believe us?

We neither but if word in the tabloids is to be believed, it is quite true.

There have been rumorsthattheGone Girl star is completely baldand sports a wig to hide his bald head.Its said that Vince Vaughan once pulled off his hairpiece while horsing around at a party. Irrespective of that, he still looks great. He is known as the first movie star who brought the trend of male wigs in the mainstream industry.

Celebrities who wear wigs

Ben Affleck is one of the biggest A-list male celebrities who wear wigs, high quality toupees, or hair systems. And we totally ove him in every role he does.

Robert Pattinson

This is going to break at least a million hearts out there but it must be said. Robert Pattinson, the dashing vampire of Twilight, revealed in an interview that he wore a toupee in the Twilight saga. Is our beloved Edward bald people asked and there is a good amount of reason to believe it.

Male celebrities with thinning hair

In another interview, he admitted that he lost some hair due to excessive bleaching when filming for the recent movie Good Time. The actor has been spotted in public with many different styles, including a very uncharacteristic slicked down look, which he starts out in his new movie.

It looks like Vampires can live forever but their hair can't (pun intended).

hair system discount wig

John Travolta

John Travolta rose to fame with the blockbuster flick, Pulp Fiction (1994) is, unfortunately, a hair loss victim. But he never tried to hide the fact that he is actually half-bald. Instead, heoften comes out with his bald head in public and doesnt care a dime about paparazzi.

Celebrities who wear toupees

Recently,the Face/Off actor decided to go wigless during afamily trip to the beach. While celebrating his 57thbirthday withhis wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ellaby the beach in Hawai,he looked like a complete family man and totally adorable.

Nicholas Cage

The Gone in 60 Seconds actor has been spotted many times wearing hairpieces and hair systems. In an exclusive Interview, he claimed that he doesn't wear wigs in personal life but love to wear wigs in movies.

For a guy who lavishly spent a fortune of $150 million on exotic cobras, sharks, crocodiles, Dinosaur skull, pygmy shrunken heads, pyramid tombstone, and a lavish private jet, buying a couple of top quality hair systems is no big deal!

Celebrity toupee wearers

With such a lifestyle, classy wigs, and iconic status, no wonder he is also our favorite celebrity to create memes.

Special offer: Check out mens hair pieces on sale and get best discounts on hair systems.

Mathew McConaughey

The Academy Award-winning actor was known for his thick long hair and shocked people when he showed signs of male pattern baldness and seriously thinning hair.

After public appearances with thinning hair, Matthew McConaughey came back with a thicker fuller look, causing speculation that hed had gone for hair loss treatment.

Celebrity toupee wearers

It's hard to digest but going bald is a reality for the Interstellar star.

Having sported different hairstyles in public appearances & parties, it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that our dashing star wears a wig to cover up his bald head. And we don't complain, he looks dapper!

Jude Law

The British Academy Award winning English actor and rockstar, Jude Law, who has also received Oscar nominations for his brilliant performances in The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain seems to have a fuller head now as compared to it was in 2013.

hollywood celebrities with hair loss

The charming actor was spotted with a receding hairline and thinning crown in 2013, but he later made an appearance at the Toronto Film Festival with a curly and fuller head. This is enough to add him to the list of make celebrities who wear wigs and toupees

Jon Cryer

The two and a half men star, Jon Cryer, made a revelation on Conan O'briens talk showabout his balding hair supported by the statement an elaborate illusion. The 48 year old actor confessed that his strands are gone now.

male actors who wear wigs

Jon Cryers spectacular mane of unruly wonderfulness in the romantic comedy Pretty in Pink, brought him in the spotlight as one of the celebrities who wear wigs. Still think there are no celebrity toupee wearers? Read on! We have more in store for you!

Daniel Craig

The Casino Royale James Bond needs no introduction. Yes, we are talking about Daniel Craig. But this very handsome secret agent wouldn't have done it right without his wig.

male rockstars wearing wigs

The English actor started showing the signs of male pattern baldness revealing his receding hairline at the temples. But later made appearances with a head with a fuller mane. It is sure shot proof that Craig is one of the male celebrities who wear top quality wigs or hair systems.

Hugh Laurie

The English actor, director, musician, comedian, and author Hugh Laurie, famous for his portrayal of the title character in the U.S. medical drama series House began to show signs of balding and thinning in the crown area. On the sets of House, we see him with a fuller and dense head, but he refrains from wearing a wig while appearing on interviews. He can be seen flaunting his shiny head otherwise.

male celebs with toupees wigs

The unbelievably handsome male celebrity with thinning hair sports his toupee pretty well.

Our amazing list of celebrities to rock wigs ends here!

End hair note

This post is not written to make fun of Hollywood actors and rockstars struggling with hair loss and dealing with it by wearing wigs or hair systems.

Our goal is to encourage people who are struggling with hair loss and thinning hair to explore non-surgical hair solutions to bring back their lost confidence and live life to the fullest.

Do you know any other male celebrity or rockstar who deserves a mention in our list of top celebs who wear wigs or toupees? If yes, then, do comment below the name and we will consider it for inclusion!

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