Barack obama games saw 2

barack obama games saw 2

barack obama games saw 2
Obama Saw Game 2

Obama Saw Game 2


Inka Team


Aldo Mujica



Release date(s)



Playable for anyone


Single player

Game length


Previous game

Game description

Pigsaw kiddnaped Obama, again, in order to play his game.


Hero: Obama

Villains: Skelleton, Minotaur 

Others: Skip, the mask, Ronald McDonald, a big guy, professor Frink, Bender


  • There was the dog (Skip) of the Mask.
  • Obama had to repeat (on the green cyrcle) Pigsaw's mouth in order that the doors would open.
  • In the second room, Obama had to click on the right Pigsaw's (where they were put in the right side).
  • Obama had to put the Stop sign, when he was on the red cube.
  • Ronald has the code for the doors, that Pigsaw told him and he was the same as he was in the past games.
  • Professor Frink is the same as in the previous games.
  • Obama had to step on a color from the rainbow, so that on the numbers (code) would be seen on the mirrors.
  • Obama had to make Bender walk on the right numbers.
  • Obama had to make just two codes for the doors and had to rotate the numbers in the square.
Obama Saw Game 2 Walkthrough (Inkagames)Obama Saw Game 2 Walkthrough (Inkagames)

Obama Saw Game 2 Walkthrough (Inkagames).

Link of the gamer: Adelie Land Games  

Play Obama Saw Game 2

Obama Saw Game 2 Game

Obama returns for another saw nightmare. Help him escape from each situation until you win this new Inka escape game.

How to Play:
Mouse to interact

Sponsored by:

Tags: escape · mouse · point and click · inka

5,762 total plays

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Obama's sprite

Other names

President Barack Obama
President Obama
Former President Barack Obama
Former President Obama
Daddy (by his Daugthers)
Dad (by his Daugthers)




The White House (Formerly)
Chicago, Illinois


African American


Protestant Christian




President of the United States of America (formerly)
President of the Obama Foundation
Mystery Hunter (Games Only, Post-Presidency)

Current status



Michelle Obama (Wife)
Malia Obama (Elder Daugther)
Sasha Obama (Younger Daugther)


George W. Bush (Games only)

Seen in games

33 Times

About him

Barack Obama II is the 44th President of the United States. He is the first self-identified African American to be elected to the presidency. In January 24th 2017 he was replaced by Donald Trump as the President of the United States. After the end of his presidency, he and his wife Michelle started the Obama Foundation focused to inspire and empower people to change the world.

He appears in Pigsaw's games and is the main character. Pigsaw is Obama's nemesis of all. Pigsaw often kiddnaps his family - Michelle, Malia and Sasha, if Obama refuses to play the game.

His other greatest nemesis is Bush, who wants to have Obama's place in the White House, that he would rule the world. Bush was in some of Obama's games.

In the games, he is himself: a black man, with short black hair and brown eyes (but they aren't visible in the game), big ears and mouth, wearing a white shirt, red tie, black trousers and brown shoes. But in the real life, he is wearing a black suit above his white shirt.

In the games

In Crazy Tale, he had to save the Great Fairy of Tales from the hands of a witch.

As he started to read, he was shocked when he saw a short version, where the witch captured the Fairy of Tales. He was angry, but suddenly, the book starts to move in his hands and he disappears in the book, as it closes on his desk. Obama was falling down in purple-white swirls and appeared in Fairy Land. He not only had to save the Fary of Tales, but also help the Fairy Tale heroes that were trapped in the mash-up story. Obama was emberrased when he had to pour water on Sleeping Beauty's face. He seed the magical bean at the X mark and pour water on it. It then grow into a beanstock and could go to the Giant's castle. He had to follow the instructions about how to make the chicken lay an golden egg in the hen. He played the flute, that was magical at the mouse, so it could bring the key to him.


Obama vs. Pigsaw series

Obama in the Dark series

Obama Hellboy series



  • In Crazy Tale, Obama was sitting in his office chair with a book in his hands, and said, that he is going to read the Fairy Tale story to the player.  
  • After the witch was defeated, he went inside the house and greet Fairy of Tales, while he said to the player, that he will him again. 

  • In Pigsaw finale game, Obama is a non-playable character, but he is the main 'villain' (payback time to Pigsaw) in the order, that Pigsaw will save himself, from his own game. 

  • There were a lot of games, where Obama had to rescue himself from places, lots of games where he had to help other characters, but not a lot in the games, where he had to rescue his family.

  • Obama was in some games, that had movies.

  • The first game, where Obama was seen, was in: Ratface operation, where we could see him differenter as in real life, but much the same. In the next games, we saw Obama unchanged.

  • Obama first saw Pigsaw in Obama vs. Pigsaw, wherre the villain kidnapped his family.

  • In the games, where he had to fight the boss were: Obama Aliens, Obama and the mayan prophecy, Obama Ball Z, Obama Potter, Obama Residen Evil.

  • The games where he had to rescue his family were: Obama Residen Evil, Obama vs. Pigsaw, Pigsaw's Gift, The Yale Bandits.

  • The games where he had to rescue or help other characters were: Obama and Michael, Obama Ball Z, Obama Ghostbusters, Obama Hellboy (1 and 2), Obama in Wonderland, Obama Inkagames Rescue, Obama Lord of the Rings, Obama Narnia, Obama van helsing, Crazy Tale.
  • The Inka Team shared with our Wiki two pictures of Obama from the Mysterious Island.
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