Dock seals

Dock Seals

Design, fabrication and installation of dock seals. Capabilities include CNC, plasma and waterjet cutting, MIG, electrode and TIG welding, milling, pressing, turning, forming and bending. Mechanical installation, re-installation, engineering, equipment modification, part troubleshooting, rigging and international shipping services are also provided. Serves the commercial, food and beverage industries. 24/7 emergency repair services available. Meets ASME and OSHA standards.

dock seals
Blue Giant - Blue Giant Dock Seals and Shelters

Blue Giant Dock Seals and Shelters improve energy conservation, help preserve internal temperatures and protect products from outside contaminants.

Which dock seal or shelter is best suited to your loading dock? Dock applications, site criteria and facility operations vary and may require one feature more than the others. Many configurations are available from basic types of compression dock seals, standard dock shelters, inflatable seals to hybrid dock seal / shelter /inflatable designs. To narrow down your options and determine the model that matches your application needs, download the Blue Giant Seal and Shelter Questionnaire.

  • Shield your investments with ArmorShield, a proprietary heavy-duty material designed to drastically increase the lifespan of seal and shelter units. 

  • Economical and high performance, the Rain Shroud keeps rain water out of the loading dock area.

  • Protect the loading bay and exterior doorways from snow, ice, and rain. Blue Giant rust-proof metal canopies will have your building entrances covered in all weather conditions.

  • Compression seals create an energy-efficient barrier around a trailer’s top and sides. 

  • The Blue Giant Elite line of Inflatable dock seals and shelters present a versatile form of loading dock protection, with an ability to service the widest variety of trucks and trailers.

  • Blue Giant Dock Shelters support full-trailer access while maintaining a secure seal across the top and sides.

Dock Seals | Inkema

For Exhaustive Temperature Control.

Inkema Dock Seals are formed by technical foam die with a high recoverability index, lined with a polyester canvas with PVC on both sides.

When a vehicle begins to approach the loading bay to unload, it leans on the dock shelter and compresses it. The result is the perfect adaptation of the dock shelter to the vehicle box, blocking all entry of air and external elements.

Thanks to the strong PVC covered polyester fabrics, Inkema Dock Seals are prepared to withstand the continuous rubbing caused by the manoeuvres connecting the dock shelter to the truck.

Dock Seals Cushion-CanvasesDock Seals Structure

Inkema Dock Seals are mainly formed of the following:

  • Structure: The rigid structure of Inkema Dock Seals is achieved thanks to a wooden part of the same size as the shelter elements.
  • Cushion-Canvases: A shelter made of 3 cushions filled with foam rubber in the form of die, and lined with PVC canvas on the outside. The side and top cushions are 300 mm wide x 300 mm thick.
Dock Seals

The durable head pad slides up to six inches with the vehicle as it shifts up or down from load weight changes, air-ride suspensions or yard-spotting tractors. This dock seal, constructed of our strongest materials, including roll-formed galvanized steel framing, will enhance seal performance at your loading dock.

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