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taylor momsen loves vibrators
Taylor Momsen, 17, flashes her boobs during performance

Boob flash is at 1:00 in

17 year-old Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen also has a side gig as the lead singer in a successful hard rock band called The Pretty Reckless. Taylor has been making headlines lately for her raccoon makeup and outrageous trashy outfits as well as quotes she’s been giving about how she loves her vibrator, likes watching sex tapes and enjoys setting fire to stuff. She’s young and thinks she’s groundbreaking when all she’s doing is creating a hard-to-shake reputation of what a twit she is at 17. In her latest stunt, Taylor flashed her boobs at the crowd while performing with her band in New York on Thursday night. She only did it for a moment and she was wearing pasties, which shows that she meant to do that in yet another misguided attempt at being “hardcore.” Britney and Lindsay had similar intentions when they flashed their hairless ho-has to the paps. At least Taylor hasn’t gone that far yet. Here’s Hollywood Life’s report:

Taylor Momsen, 17, has been perfecting her bad-girl image ever since her band The Pretty Reckless burst onto the music scene, but she took it to a whole new level Oct. 21 at Don Hill’s in NYC! Wearing stripper heels and a necklace that said “Slave,” Taylor opened up her shirt and exposed her breasts (“tasetfully” covered by pasties) during a PAPER Magazine & Express Celebrate “Rock The Sidewalk” event! Not only that, she ran her hands up and down her body, groping her chest after exposing it!

[From Hollywood Life]

It could have been much worse, but I was paying attention when Britney was showing everyone her babymaker in the fall of 2007. This is minor potatoes compared to a sex tape or a vag flash. Then again, this girl is underage. Let’s hope that Taylor comes to her senses before she goes any further, although the likelihood of that seems slim given all we’ve seen from her so far.

Photos of Taylor on the night in question are credit: WENN.com.




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