Tiger woods reunited with wife

Tiger Woods reunited with his wife after sex scandal

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tiger woods reunited with wife
Tiger Woods reunites with wife and children: Report - Times of India
NEW YORK: Disgraced golf superstar Tiger Woods has left a sex rehab centre in Mississippi and has been reunited with his wife and two children, according to a media report.
Tiger Woods has been reunited with his two children after leaving the rehab clinic where he was being treated, entertainment website RadarOnline.com reported.
Tiger's wife Elin flew to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to bring Tiger home, it reported.

While the couple chose to remain out of public, it was a sweet private reunion for Tiger and the children.

The couple's daughter Sam is two-years-old and son Charlie will turn one on Monday, the report said.

Tiger and Elin want to spend more time alone as they work to save the marriage. Elin participated in Tiger's therapy and dropped her divorce lawyer but still was not wearing her wedding ring when last seen in public, it said.

The 34-year-old golfer agreed to treatment because he wants his life back, the website quoted sources as saying. Tiger has not commented publicly about the situation other than to admit infidelity.

Tiger's plan is to return to professional golf in the Spring, or earlier, the report said.

Tiger Woods disappeared from the public scene after a scandal revealing his extramarital affairs exploded following an accident on November 27 when Wood's crashed his SUV outside his Florida mansion sustaining minor injuries.
Since then, 19 women have been linked with him. Many of them have come forward with revealing details about the multiple affairs.
There is still speculation whether his wife, Elin will leave him or the couple will stay together for their two children.
However, RadarOnline.com reported that Tiger and Elin hope to save their relationship; although several sources told the website that there is no guarantee they can work it out.

"She's (Elin) been badly betrayed," one source said. "It's amazing she's stayed this long."

The night Tiger Woods was exposed as a serial cheater

The life and career of the worlds greatest golfer fell apart with the swing of a club and it wasnt even his swing.

Four years ago this Thanksgiving, Tiger Woods wife, Elin Nordegren, chased him out of the house with a golf club after learning hed been unfaithful.

She thought there was another woman, maybe two. Nordegren along with the rest of the world had no idea. In the years since, details have trickled out about what really happened that night.

Top of the world

Less than two weeks prior, Woods had won his first event in Australia, the Masters, by two strokes. Since 1999, not a year had gone by without him winning at least one golf major championship, and he won 14 majors from 1997 to 2008. In April 2009, he was photographed in the Oval Office meeting President Obama. On Oct. 1, Forbes named him the first athlete to earn $1 billion.

Woods was considered the greatest golfer of all time and a uniquely American success story, a multi-ethnic superstar dominating a historically white sport. He had a beautiful wife, a former model in Sweden who had been working as nanny to golf star Jesper Parnevik when she met Woods at the 2001 British Open. They had two children daughter Sam, then 2, and newborn son Charlie and a wholesome image that netted him $110 million in endorsements. He was 33 years old.

On Nov. 26, 2009, Woods and Nordegren, then 29, were hosting his mother for Thanksgiving at their $2.4 million mansion in Windermere, Fla., near Orlando.

The day before, at the Albertsons supermarket around the corner, the new edition of the National Enquirer was freshly slotted in the checkout racks. The banner headline read Tiger Woods Cheating Scandal. Inside was a spread detailing Woods months-long affair with a New York City nightclub hostess named Rachel Uchitel. Shed been photographed checking into the same hotel as Woods during the Australian Masters and was quoted as telling a friend: Its Tiger Woods! I dont care about his wife! Were in love!

Wielding a golf club, Elin Nordegren chased after an Ambien-addled Tiger Woods outside their home in 2009.David Cannon/Getty Images

Sources close to Nordegren later told The Daily Beast that on Nov. 24, one day before the Enquirer hit stands, Woods put his wife on the phone with Uchitel, who insisted there was no truth to the imminent story. Nordegren and Uchitel spoke for 30 minutes.

Woods was satisfied; Nordegren was not. That afternoon, Woods left his cellphone unattended, and Nordegren scrolled through his call history. She found another name, Jaimee Grubbs, and called her. Nordegren got voice mail. She left a message.

You know who this is, Nordegren said, because you are f-?-king my husband.

Nordegren didnt tell Woods, and when he retrieved his phone, he, too, called Grubbs.

His call also went to voice mail.

Hey, its, uh .?.?. its Tiger, he said. Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and, uh, may be calling you. So if you can, please take your name off that. And, um . . . just have it as a number on the voice mail. OK? You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly. All right, bye.

Over the next two days, Nordegren said nothing. But she read the Enquirers story and was shaken by the detail: Her husband had met Uchitel in June, four months after the birth of their son, at a club in New York City. Uchitel, who appeared on the front page of The Post after her fiance was killed on 9/11, had had an affair with the actor David Boreanaz while his wife was pregnant. Uchitels pet name for Woods was Bear. Shed shown friends sexts Woods had sent and claimed Woods was getting a divorce.

I knew it was you

On Thanksgiving night, after Woods, an insomniac, took an Ambien and fell asleep, Nordegren took his phone and scrolled for Uchitels number.

She clicked on it and found a text from her husband: You are the only one Ive ever loved.

It was now 1 a.m. on Friday, and Nordegren, described by friends as an exceptionally controlled person, thought for a moment. How could she be sure to catch her husband in this lie?

She began texting Uchitel as Woods.

I miss you, Nordegren wrote. When are we seeing each other again?

Uchitel replied immediately, expressing surprise that Woods was up.

Nordegren called Uchitel immediately. I knew it was you, she said. I know everything.

Oh, f-?-k, Uchitel said. She hung up.

Nordegrens screaming woke up Woods. He was woozy, but he grabbed his cellphone and ran to the bathroom, locking himself in and texting Uchitel.

She knows, he wrote. Im going to be packing. He told her it looked like divorce.

Nordegren was still yelling at Woods, demanding he come out. When he emerged minutes later, she swiped the cellphone, took one look at his last sent message divorce and exploded. She threw it at Woods, chipping his tooth. She pummeled his chest and scratched his face. He wrested himself away, and Nordegren reached for the nearest weapon a golf club and began chasing him.

Woods tore out of the house barefoot, Elin in hot pursuit, their shouts waking the neighbors. Youve ruined our Thanksgiving! Woods yelled, still running. Are you happy now?

He hopped into his 2009 Escalade; she dashed to a golf cart. It was 2:25 a.m. Woods pulled out of the driveway at 30 mph, crushed some hedges, careened into a curb, then hit a fire hydrant before smashing into a tree. He wound up in the street, unconscious, bloody and snoring. A neighboring couple ran over, and there was Nordegren, with the golf club, the Escalades two back windows smashed out.

Help us, she said.

Wall of silence

Woods was knocked out for six minutes; a neighbor called 911. According to Windermere Police Chief Daniel Saylor, officers found Nordegren frantic and upset. Woods was still on the ground, but now he had a pillow and a blanket. He was sliding in and out of consciousness, with cuts to his lips, blood pooling in his mouth. He tried to talk but made no sense; hed also taken Vicodin.

While waiting for an ambulance, Nordegren told police it was a simple car accident shed been in the mansion when she heard the crash. She ran out, got in her golf cart, and when she realized it was her husband in the car, she used the golf club to extricate him.

The cops seemed skeptical.

She supposedly got him out and laid him on the ground, Saylor said. (Woods is 6-foot-1, 185 pounds; Nordegren is 5-foot-10 and 135 pounds.)

When the ambulance arrived, Nordegren ran back inside to get socks and shoes for Woods; when she tried to ride with him, a paramedic blocked her. The police report says she was told this looked like a domestic disturbance. Woods condition was listed as serious.

Woods was taken to Health Central Hospital, where he was treated and released. When investigators returned to the home that Friday evening, a little before 6, Nordegren invited them in and said shed get her husband. She returned a few minutes later and said Woods was sleeping; she suggested they come by the next day at 3 p.m.

As officers pulled into the driveway that Saturday, Woods agent, Mark Steinberg, met them outside and said his client was indisposed. They should come back tomorrow at 3 p.m.

But before that meeting, investigators got a call from an attorney for Woods who said the couple would not be cooperating. Investigators petitioned for a subpoena: They wanted access to Woods medical records from that night. A judge denied the request, and the most the cops could do was issue a $164 ticket for careless driving.

Bimbo in every port

Uchitelhired Gloria Allred as the scandal blew up and scheduled a press conference. It was canceled. Reports circulated that Woods had paid her $10 million to keep quiet.

Had he only been more generous, perhaps Woods could have avoided what came next the onslaught of porn stars, strippers, escorts and party girls who said they, too, had been having sex with Tiger. But as an increasingly astonished public learned, Woods also was really cheap, only ever buying one mistress a sandwich at Subway.

That mistress was Mindy Lawton, a diner waitress who said she and Woods had sex at his familys home in Florida and in his Escalade, in a church parking lot, tossing her tampon out the window. There was also porn star Holly Sampson, who had sex with Woods the night of his bachelor party, and her colleague Joslyn James, who said shed gotten pregnant by Woods more than once. Exotic dancer Cori Rist revealed Woods loved eating Froot Loops while watching cartoons. Grubbs said shed texted Woods the day after the crash, saying shed be devastated if anything happened to him, but she never heard back and when she tried to call, the number was out of service.

By Dec. 11, 2009, two weeks after Woods accident, the number of known mistresses was up to 14. He lost endorsements with Nike, Gatorade, Gillette and Accenture the latter alone earning him between $10?million and $15 million a year. He announced he was taking a leave from golf and on Nov. 30, he pulled out of the Chevron World Challenge.

By the end of the month, Woods had entered rehab for sex addiction.

Nordegren used the time to renegotiate her prenup and mull her marriage. The day after the accident, Woods had reportedly told a friend that Nordegren had gone ghetto on him and that he needed to run to Zales and get a Kobe special a house on a finger, referring to caught-cheating NBA star Kobe Bryants gift to his wife.

Woods golf game fell apart, and his career has never fully recovered. He now earns about $54 million in endorsements half of what he made pre-scandal, Forbes says and has not won a major tournament since.

Woods reportedly confessed to sleeping with 120 women, but sources close to Nordegren say she remained on the fence about leaving him until April 2010, when a 15th mistress was revealed. Her name was Raychel Coudriet. She was a daughter of the couple next door and first met Woods when she was only 14.

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