Definition of an usher

Usher dictionary definition | usher defined

(third-person singular simple present ushers, present participle ushering, simple past and past participle ushered)

To guide people to their seats.To accompany or escort (someone).(figuratively) To precede; to act as a forerunner or herald.(figuratively) to lead or guide somewhereOrigin

From Old French (h)uissier, from Vulgar Latin *ustiA?rius (“doorkeeper"?), from Latin A?stiA?rius, from ostium (“door"?). Akin to A?s (“mouth"?).

definition of an usher
Definition of USHER

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ush·?er | \ ??-sh?r How to pronounce usher (audio) \

1a : an officer or servant who has the care of the door of a court, hall, or chamber

b : an officer who walks before a person of rank

c : one who escorts persons to their seats (as in a theater)

2 archaic : an assistant teacher

ushered; ushering\ ??-?sh(?-?)ri? How to pronounce ushering (audio) \

transitive verb

1 : to conduct to a place

2 : to precede as an usher, forerunner, or harbinger

3 : to cause to enter : introduce a new theory ushered into the world

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Definition of usher |

an official who shows people to their seats, as in a church or theatre

a person who acts as doorkeeper, esp in a court of law

(in England) a minor official charged with maintaining order in a court of law

an officer responsible for preceding persons of rank in a procession or introducing strangers at formal functions

British obsolete a teacher

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