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eminem sacha
eminem sacha

The Real Slim Shady faked it! MTV reveals Eminem was in on Bruno's bare-bottom prank

The Real Slim Shady faked it! MTV reveals Eminem was in on Bruno's bare-bottom prank

By Daily Mail Reporter
Created: 08:41 GMT, 1 June 2009

Eminem was accused of suffering an immediate sense of humour failure when he stormed out of the MTV Awards after falling victim to Sacha Baron Cohen's flamboyant new alter ego, Bruno.

But it turns out it was just a virtuoso performance in appalled indignation.

MTV writer Scott Aukerman today revealed the stunt, which saw the bare-bottomed comedian descend on Slim Shady's lap, was in fact a well-rehearsed sketch.

He said: 'Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged. That's all anyone wants to talk about, so let's get it out of the way. They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.'

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Eminem MTV movie awardsEminem MTV movie awards

In your face: Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno lands on top of a shocked Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen

Heavens above: The prankster as Bruno the Austrian fashion designer makes his extraordinary entrance

Baron Cohen, whose characters include the outrageous Ali G and Borat, made his astonishing entrance at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.

Wearing angel wings, knee-high white boots and a barely-there thong, he appeared as his Austrian fashion designer character Bruno to present the best male performance prize.

But instead of walking on to the stage at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, he was lowered in on wires.

As he descended, Baron Cohen, or rather Bruno, appeared to get into difficulties and started spinning upside down.

Sacha Baron Cohen'sSacha Baron Cohen's

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's Sacha Baron Cohen descending from the rafters

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen

Incoming! A bemused Eminem looks up and sees Baron Cohen coming towards him

'My kugelsack! My kugelsack!' he wailed.

'The wire is trapped round. Help me! Let me down! One of the wires is trapped around my kugelsack.'

TV cameras cut to Eminem, who had performed at the awards show earlier in the evening, gazing up with concern from his seat.

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen

Caught in a trap: Eminem is faced with the jockstrap-wearing Baron Cohen


Help me: Eminem feigned shock and horror as the stunt unfolded

Then, ominously, a single feather from Bruno's outfit floated down right in front of Eminem's face.

Seconds later, he was faced with something much, much worse.

Eminem, who regularly mocks celebrities in his rap songs, feigned surprise as Baron Cohen flailed about on top of him.

With mock horror, he screamed for Baron Cohen to get off him, yelling: 'Are you serious? Are you f****** serious?'

As the singer's bodyguards dragged him off, the actor cracked a stream of jokes.

'Don't touch me guys, I already have a boyfriend,' he said. 'Let's continue this in my hotel room.'

As Eminem got up to leave, Cohen made a mocking reference to one of his songs and shouted: 'Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?'

Eminem, who released Relapse - his first album in five years - last month, is rarely on the receiving end of jokes.

Eminem  Sacha Baron CohenEminem  Sacha Baron Cohen

View from above: The bizarre scene witnessed by the celebrity audience brought the house down

Cameron Diaz MTV Movie AwardsCameron Diaz MTV Movie Awards

Joke's on you: Cameron Diaz was one of the celebrities caught on camera laughing or looking stunned

On his new album he teases ex-girlfriend Mariah Carey, jokes about sleeping with Sarah Palin and compares reality TV star Kim Kardashian to a drag artist.

Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley and Lindsay Lohan are also targeted.

Baron Cohen is more accustomed to working with unsuspecting victims.

Bruno, the star of his latest movie, tricks everyone from Paula Abdul to stuffy Republican senators into making fools of themselves.

Eminem actor Sacha Baron Cohen MTV Movie AwrdsEminem actor Sacha Baron Cohen MTV Movie Awrds

Award-winning performance: The rap star storms off as a laughing Baron Cohen is hoisted upwards

Sacha Baron Cohen Eminem MTV Movie AwardsSacha Baron Cohen Eminem MTV Movie Awards

Exit: Eminem pretended to be outraged by the stunt

The film - for which he has been paid ?18million - has been billed as even more outrageous than his 2006 hit Borat, which featured a gauche reporter from Kazakhstan travelling to the U.S. and interviewing hapless victims.

Similar controversy is sure to hit the Bruno film. In it Baron Cohen mocks his friend Madonna by having Bruno and his boyfriend, Diesel, adopt a baby from Africa called David. He apparently sent some flowers and a note to Madonna saying 'no hard feelings'.

Bruno also forces himself on to the stage at Paris and Milan fashion weeks, getting a fashion designer to agree that the unfashionable should be sent to concentration camps to be taught how to dress.

Sacha Baron CohenSacha Baron CohenSacha Baron CohenSacha Baron Cohen

Wild side: Sacha Baron Cohen seen arriving at the MTV Movie Awards

But the very fact that Bruno is due to be a hit means we will probably see even less of its creator.

After the success of the Borat movie, he withdrew to his ?10million home in Hollywood, where he lives with girlfriend Isla Fisher and their two-year-old daughter.

After all, once his characters become too recognisable, the concept of tricking people into thinking they are real interviewers just doesn't work.


Lose yourself: Eminem performing onstage earlier in the evening

eminem sacha

The mtv movie awards were a blood bath sunday night with "twilight" taking five trophies, including best movie but it was sacha baron cohen who gave the show it s trademark.

Sacha baron cohen made a grand entrance wednesday for the british premiere of his new mock the audience on a wire, ending up with his bare behind in the face of rapper eminem. Sacha baron cohen s semi- edy earned a sad estimated fifth place $ million over tags: andy samberg, bruno, d el craig, eminem, from dusk till dawn, high school. Sacha baron cohen, bruno, isla fisher, will ferrell, comedians, eminem, brits, mtv. Category: tv comment tags: borat, eminem, kristen stewart, mtv movie awards, sacha baron cohen, teabag, teabagging, twilight.

The la premiere of bruno went ahead as planned yesterday and sacha baron cohen, in character of sacha s hardcore method bruno upstages lipgloss on bruno & eminem. Sacha baron cohen has increased security around him and his y after a terrorist group he he s already sat on eminem and gatecrashed an fashion show the a-list can t. I always thought eminem would be able to take a joke considering he is always having a pop at his fellow celebs but after sacha baron cohen landed on his face at the mtv movie.

Sacha baron cohen is getting sued by an old lady for his over-the-top antics as bruno the most memorable moment was when bruno was lowered from the rafters into eminem s. Eminem and sasha baron cohen made worldwide news following the stunt where cohen s new gay sacha called me when we were in europe and he had dea to do something.

Video bruno drops in on eminem at mtv awards - check out eminem s reaction as bruno (sacha baron cohen) literally drops in on him at the mtv awards!. Eminem speaks about the bruno mtv movie awards stunt eminem is finally speaking out to rap radar on the mtv stunt that had sacha baron cohen s alter ego bruno landing in em s lap. Eminen got a face full of bruno s crotch during the mtv movie awards last night as you ll see in the clip below, bruno, sacha baron cohen s gay austrian fashionista alter ego.

In many ways watching sacha baron cohen promote his new movie bruno, from his gq layout and mtv awards eminem stunt to the series of global premiere stunts, from london to la to. I love eminem and i love sacha baron cohen i m positive there are eminem fans who are upset this occurred, but for a guy hailed as having such a sense of humor in his lyrics, he.

It was shades of shaq last night at the mtv movie awards, when sacha baron cohen gave eminem a taste of "bruno" the question -- was eminem genuinely pissed or was it choreographed.

A week after a notorious incident at the mtv movie awards, during which edian sacha baron cohen ended up in the lap of eminem, the event continues to grip the national. The incident getting the most attention involved eminem and sacha baron cohen in character as bruno and wearing only a very skimpy thong cohen, in white wings and feathers, was.

National post - canada s trusted source for national news, financial news, world news, commentary, entertainment and sports. Sacha baron cohen who is famous for annoying people with edic incidences first as boraht and now as "bruno", eminem was none too. ncident involving eminem and sacha baron cohen at last weekend s mtv movie awards in universal city, calif, was staged, says one of the show s writers.

Sacha baron cohen has mooned eminem and made the bingo ladies mad, but what s up with the black baby in the box?. At sunday s mtv movie awards in la, viewers were shocked when sacha baron cohen landed nearly butt-naked on rapper eminem s face a shocked eminem then cursed and stormed out of.

Sacha baron cohen is making his mark around the world as bruno, a flamboyantly gay austrian video: mtv movie awards -- eminem meets bruno eminem fesses up to bruno stunt. Video: eminem s meets bruno s or vice versa story the fader; zack efron looks more confused than eminem here s the payoff: relapse is already on sale and br no hits.

Was eminem in on bruno s mtv prank? mtv blog reveals rapper was in on sacha baron cohen s stunt, yet the post has been inexplicably removed.

"sacha baron cohen (as bruno) landed on eminem at the mtv movie awards". Still no definitive answer as to whether eminem knew sacha barron cohen was going to him on tv last night, but e! now has what is probably the most likely scenario (eminem) was.

Jun, - sacha baron cohen s bruno opens in july, and the actor is promoting it all over in pletely ridiculous outfits his stunt with eminem at the mtv movie.

First he got a face full of sacha baron cohen s behind and now it has been revealed that detroit superstar eminem s los angeles hotel room was robbed the same night..

sacha cohen eminem

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