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Jul 10, 2018

Wow – what says Christmas better than the old favorite by Charles Schultz: A Charlie Brown Christmas? Well, maybe a brand-new Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Pack of the classic cartoon, coming this holiday season. With so many bonus features and an extra Peanuts TV Special, this is one movie you’ll want to cop for all your Christmases to come!

Good Grief!

There’s absolutely no denying that A Charlie Brown Christmas is a genuine North American holiday classic. And this new Blu-Ray Combo Pack release is out just in time for Christmas 2009! In full-color and high-def, the Blu-Ray version comes jam-packed with bonus feature and new never-before seen peanuts material. Plus, Warner Brothers has added a second Charlie Brown feature to go along with the original 25-minute holiday film, making this combo pack a Christmas keeper! There’s also an informative featurette, a regular DVD of the cartoon and a digital copy you can watch on the go.

Peanut Power

Cartoonist Charles M. Schultz debuted his Peanuts comic strip way back in 1950, and by 1965 the strip had become so popular it spawned the first of a long series of TV specials, including A Charlie Brown Christmas and, in 1967, the musical stage play You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. When Schultz died in 2000 so did the beloved comic strip that centered on a bungling beagle dog named Snoopy - the final original strip appeared on the day of Schultz’s passing as a tribute to his great career.

Christmas With The Gang

A Charlie Brown Christmas finds Charlie Brown unhappy that it's Christmastime again. He doesn't think anybody likes him, especially since he hasn’t received a single Christmas card. Lucy tries to cheer him up by getting him involved in the annual Christmas play by asking him to direct it. Naturally, Charlie Brown takes his newfound responsibility way too seriously, and everybody thinks the play is going to be a complete failure.

Lucy thinks the play needs a modern spirit of Christmas and sends Charlie Brown out for an aluminum Christmas tree, but our hero resists and instead buys a small real one. The result is a lasting lesson about the true meaning of Christmas.

Special Features

It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown Featurette: A Christmas Miracle :: The Making Of A Charlie Brown Christmas

Video: A Charlie Brown Christmas

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