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What Is the Story of Glengarry Glen Ross?
David Mamet's Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning drama Glengarry Glen Ross takes place inside a cutthroat Chicago real estate office in 1983. Four salesman are competing to sell worthless properties: The winner gets a new car; the loser is out of a job. The men are so desperate to keep their jobs that they will lie and steal and ruin the lives of others to win. The sales force is made up of the down-on-his-luck veteran Shelly Levene (Al Pacino), the criminal mastermind Robert Moss (John C. McGinley), the unsuspecting George Aaronow (Richard Schiff) and the team's super salesman, slick and conniving Richard Roma (Bobby Cannavale). After their office is robbed, it's up to manager John Williamson (David Harbour) to figure which of his guys did the crime.

glengarry glen ross tickets al pacino
Glengarry Glen Ross

Written by David Mamet in the 80s, Glengarry Glen Ross is a play set across two days in the lives of a group of American real estate agents who are battling it out to sell undesirable land by any means necessary. The play gets its title from said property, the Glengarry Highlands, and Glen Ross Farms, which was sold as part of a lucrative deal in the past. It is set between a Chinese restaurant and a sales office in Chicago.

Glengarry Glen Ross opened in London at the Playhouse Theatre on 26th October 2017 and will run until3rd February 2018,starringChristian Slater,Kris Marshall, Robert Glenister, Stanley TownsendandDon Warrington.

Glengarry Glen Ross premiered at the National Theatre in 1983, directed by Bill Bryden. It starred Derek Newark, Karl Johnson, Trevor Ray, James Grant and Jack Shepherd, and following great success, went on to win the Olivier Award for Best New Play the same year.In 1984, the play opened in Chicago, the city in which it is set, before transferring to Broadway. It ran at the John Golden Theatre for 378 shows, and was described as a scalding comedy by the New York Times Frank Rich. The shows success led to the play winning the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, as well as four Tony Award nominations.

The story was adapted for the screen in the early 1990s, directed by James Foley, and boasted a cast of great actors including Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, Al Pacino, Jonathan Pryce and Alec Baldwin (for whom a new part was written specifically for).

The play was last performed in London in 2007, when it ran at the Apollo Theatre directed by James MacDonald. The production also featured actor Jonathan Pyrce, who played James Lingk in the film adaptation, as Shelly Levene, a once-successful salesman who has fallen on tough times.

Christian Slaters previous London theatre credits includeOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest(Gielgud Theate, Garrick Theatre),Swimming with Sharks(Vaudeville Theatre).

Kris Marshallis best known for his roles in sitcomMy Familyand the filmLove Actually. His most recent stage role was inUgly Lies the Boneat the National, in which he played Kelvin.Don Warringtonhas performed with the National, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Bristol Old Vic. In 2016, Warrington played the titular character in Talawa Theatre CompanysKing Lear, for which he garnered wide acclaim.

Stanley Townsends previous London theatre credits includeRemember This,Guys and Dolls,PhedreandHappy Now?at the National Theatre.Robert Glenisteris best known for his roles inHustle,andSpooks.His theatre work is predominately with the Royal Exchange in Manchester, where he has appeared inThe Idiot, An Ideal Husbandand, most recently,Uncle Vanya.

Fugue for Wrung-Out Tinhorns

The fight has gone out of the once-robust boys from Glengarry Glen Ross, David Mamets 1984 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama of sharks in a small pond. Sure, they still curse and rant and beat up on the furniture in the production that formally opened at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater on Saturday night, after an indecently extended preview period.

These hack real estate salesmen also slam doors hard enough to make walls tremble. They mug their way through their foul-mouthed monologues in a style that begs for (and receives) applause. The eldest of their tribe, and this productions pacesetter, is portrayed by a grizzled Al Pacino with the exaggerated pantomiming of a boozy player in a late-night charades game.

Yet somehow their hearts just dont seem to be into the business of scamming clients and stabbing one another in the back. Its as if all the competitive fierceness had been sucked from them by some cosmic super-vacuum cleaner a product that these forlorn hustlers probably wouldnt be able to persuade anyone to buy. As salesmen, theyre as worn down and wrung out as Willy Loman at twilight.

That sense of defeat has always lurked beneath the speeding dialogue of Glengarry. But in Daniel Sullivans deflated production, which also stars Bobby Cannavale as the hotshot Ricky Roma, subtext has been dragged to the surface and beached like a rusty submarine. This is a Glengarry for a recessionary age. When a character in the first act mutters, Its cold out there now, John. Money is tight, the lines glare in a way they didnt in the mid-1980s.

<strong>Glengarry Glen Ross </strong> Al Pacino, left, and Bobby Cannavale in a Broadway revival of David Mamet&rsquo;s play, directed by Daniel Sullivan, at the Schoenfeld Theater.
Glengarry Glen Ross Al Pacino, left, and Bobby Cannavale in a Broadway revival of David Mamets play, directed by Daniel Sullivan, at the Schoenfeld Theater.Credit...Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

Whether comic or bitter, dialogue is often allowed to resonate in empty air. Unlike any previous Glengarry Ive seen including the 1992 movie (which starred Mr. Pacino in the role played here by Mr. Cannavale) this one moves slowly enough to keep you aware, at all times, of the hollowness of its characters talk. You may also find yourself newly conscious of plot contrivances and improbabilities.

I can understand why Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Pacino would want to reconceive Glengarry on their own terms. The play was given a superb Tony-winning revival in 2005, directed by Joe Mantello, and starring Alan Alda and Liev Schreiber, a highly caffeinated production that left you short of breath. If discerning theatergoers were going to revisit Glengarry less than a decade later, theyd surely demand something different.

But Glengarry was built for speed. Much of the beauty of this play comes from its revved-up rhythms. (When you read it, the words percolate on the page.) Mr. Mamet created a cast of salesmen who keep themselves alive through their relentless, aggressive talk.

Theyre selling lies on a whole lot of levels, and to themselves as well as to their friends, foes and patsies. Relaxing the tension in their spiels is fatal, because thats when we (and they) hear the falsehood of what theyre saying. Theyre pitching as fast as they can out of animal need and instinct.

Though theres poetry in their obscene talk, the collective sound that rises from them is the din of beasts struggling to survive in Darwins jungle. Of course theyre doomed; all animals die eventually. But in the meantime theres fire in the fight and the friction that makes great theater.

So it comes as a shock here when the first note thats sounded in the opening scene (set in a seedy Chinese restaurant; Eugene Lee is the designer) is one of senility. Mr. Pacino is Shelly Levene, the faded former star of a fading real-estate office on the North Side of Chicago. Hes trying to convince his boss, John Williamson (David Harbour, in the shows most convincing performance), to give him better clients.

But why would anyone turn over important business to someone who speaks as falteringly as this guy does? Looking like a bag man coming off a bender, Shelly talks in a fretful, rambling singsong voice that sometimes gets stuck on a word like a phonograph needle. (The inflections seem partly borrowed from Mr. Pacinos Tony-nominated Shylock in Mr. Sullivans brilliant Merchant of Venice of two years ago, but with nothing like the same passive-aggressive intensity.)

Mr. Pacino switches gears for the second act, when Shelly shows up in the office triumphant after making a big sale. But though Shelly may be flushed with new confidence, he hardly inspires it. His back bowed, his legs wide apart, he recounts his victory with the expansive, literal-minded gestures of a kindergarten teacher. We have advanced, it seems, from senility to dementia. By the way, it doesnt look as if Shelly is addressing his fellow employees; his gaze is focused directly on us, the folks out there in the dark.

This performance places Shelly firmly and dominatingly at the center of Glengarry, which needs to be a tight ensemble piece. Theres not much the other actors can do to compete with or even balance Mr. Pacinos grandstanding. Much of the cast which includes John C. McGinley, Richard Schiff and Jeremy Shamos goes for obvious laughs in line readings.

Mr. Cannavale, an electric presence in the The ____________ With the Hat last year, should be a natural for Roma, the cock-of-the-walk sales star. Yet he never feels as dangerous or as seductive as he needs to be here. Instead he brings to mind a strutting Damon Runyon-style gangster; you expect him to break out with, Whats playing at the Roxy? Ill tell you whats playing at the Roxy.

The productions strange combination of comic shtick and existential weariness makes it feel rather like a long-running sitcom being filmed before a live audience that knows its characters signature tics and flourishes by heart. That may well be what the Broadway public of today wants. This Glengarry has been selling out (in more ways than one) since its early previews. When I saw the show, the audience stopped it frequently to give ovations for blustery tirades.

What with the closing notice already posted for Mr. Mamets dreary new play The Anarchist, which opened last week, this season has not been kind to one of Americas greatest living playwrights. And yes, he still deserves to be thus described. Read Glengarry again, and youll understand why. Just dont expect to find the evidence on Broadway this year.

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The real story behind the world of sales. This is a realistic portrayal of what it is to try making a life in high pressure sales with all its highs and lows; promises of fortunes and deliveries of dross. Red-leads and dead-leads are to blame for life's outcomes. Living with "Objection, Rebuttal, Close". Written by kgdm-400-333534

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A story for everyone who works for a living. See more


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During the production, the actors referred to this film as "Death of a Fuckin' Salesman". See more


When Levene offers $30 in Williamson's car the notes are outstretched in his left hand. As he continues talking Levene folds the notes in half with his left hand. In the next frame when the camera angle changes the notes are outstretched again. See more


Ricky Roma: You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is.
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Featured in WatchMojo: Top 10 Al Pacino Performances(2014) See more


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