What are celebrities

who and what are celebrities?
last night my friend asked me "hey Isn't that girl (wearing black) a celebrity?"
I checked and I thought she's a host for some show but she's not really famous...

My question is who are the ones considered as celebrities, are actors and musicians the only one? because the definition of a celebrity is "a state of being famous"... if so, is Barack Obama a celebrity too? Politicians?
Authors like J.K. Rowling, a celebrity too?

what are celebrities
what are celebrities

What celebrities are 22

There is no specific collective noun for celebrities. Since celebrities are people, it's appropriate to use a collective noun used for people that applies to the situation; for example a crowd of celebrities, a team of celebrities, a collection of celebrities. You can also be creative, for example a glittering of celebrities, a swarm of celebrities, a celebration of celebrities, a plague of celebrities, etc.

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