Best songs of lenny kravitz

Lenny Kravitz best songs

Leonard Albert "Lenny" Kravitz (born May 26, 1964. New York, USA) is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, guitarist and actor whose retro amalgam of rock, pop, funk, and even techno is inspired by such music icons as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. Like Prince and Sly Stone before him, Kravitz uses a multi-ethnic, mixed-gender backing band.

Kravitz plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, and sitar.

best songs of lenny kravitz
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Best Lenny Kravitz Songs - Top Ten List

Leonard Albert "Lenny" Kravitz (born May 26, 1964) is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and arranger whose "retro" style incorporates elements of rock, soul, funk, reggae, hard rock, psychedelic, folk and ballads.

1 Fly Away

great song I would of thought this would be number one

great guitar riff and vocals. It's also something I can relate to

it's awesome. the best one. why isn't it number one.

Great beat drove home in a snow storm to pick up lady lady to have to go back to the airport to hit Mexico but listened to the tune on the way there and I was buzzed shawn

V 5 CommentsUListen to Sample 2 Are You Gonna Go My Way

Best message he put out in a song. This is his best.

Great Guitar Riff! One Of My Favorites!

Who could top this one?

All time best

V 1 CommentUListen to Sample 3 Again

This song deserve its rightful place on top of the summit. With his majestic vocals & exquisite guitar riffs, it's a magnificent masterpiece of a song.

This is one of my favorite songs ever. I listen to it back to back sometimes 3 times, play another song then listen to it 3 more times. This song really celebrates meeting someone so special that you wish you had met that person way sooner but then the meeting is so bitter sweet because you might not even see that special person ever again. "All of my life, where have you been? I wonder if I'll ever see you again."

How this is not the number 1?

Should be first! Great song! Vocals are beautiful (as always) instrumental is great... And lyrics are gorgeous and very touching. Great song overall definitely number one on my list33

V 3 CommentsUListen to Sample 4 It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

This is a very good song. I like the melody and the rhythm. I like the inclusion of strings and wind instruments. Kravitz's voice is very good for this song as well. My favorite all time Lenny Kravitz song.

This could move up over American Woman and Are you Gonna Go My Way

Magical song! Feel mesmerized by its beat and powerful orchestration

I love Lenny Kravitz!

UListen to Sample 5 American Woman

One of the best cover songs ever!
The list of cover songs that I would say are on par with the original version is a short one but this song is definitely on that list.
Lenny Kravitz has a great voice for classic rock songs.

Great song. Great vocals. - Britgirl

Love how funky this song is! Has to be number 1 for me

I think this song is the bomb

V 3 CommentsUListen to Sample 6 I'll Be Waiting

One of the BEST songs in the universe, does not deserve to be any lower than one. It is such an amazing tune and it reminds me of loyalty and I feel so much adrenaline when I listen to this song! As long as I'm breathing, ill be waiting! Listen to this song and please vote for this song! Get it up to number one where it should be!

the best song ever! lenny kravitz is the best singer and guitar-player alive! and I'll be waiting is an awesome song! ring awesome! greeat! Bring

The first and the best song I have ever heard from him.

So god, expressive but at the same time minimalistic. Such a soothing tone.

V 4 CommentsUListen to Sample 7 Can't Get You Off My Mind

All time favorite of Mr. Kravitz, yum!

Amazing lyrics, with outstanding drums, bass, and simply one of the best solo and base guitars I' have ever heard. Great, great guitar solo. Craig Ross kills everyone with that short, but beautiful solo.
I think Lenny wrote those chors, and they go deep. Trust me.
Do I have to say anything about Kravit's vocals?!

UListen to Sample 8 Always on the Run

Come on, this deserves at least 6th spot!

Great song featuring Slash on guitar!

UListen to Sample 9 I Belong to You

Great song!...Beautiful tempo and groove!

Simple lyrics and minimalistic sound. Will dance to this song on the day of my wedding.

UListen to Sample 10 Believe

Love the guitar solo

Great feel good song which keeps a lot of memories alive

This song has a great atmosphere should be higher

Should in the top 3

UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Rock and Roll is Dead UListen to Sample 12 Heaven Help

Lenny is probably one of the best musicians of all times. But this song is just something special even for him. Somehow it just really manages to bring me almost on a brink of tears, so beautiful I consider it to be. Don't know why - I'm not a crier.

UListen to Sample 13 Stillness of Heart UListen to Sample 14 Let Love Rule

So many memories. My favorite of all time

UListen to Sample 15 Dig In UListen to Sample 16 Mr. Cab Driver

Discussion should run about the SECOND best song - no doubt this is his best ever.

UListen to Sample 17 Believe in Me

The original beatbox, that sorprends at Last phase loop after the other three preceding, equal each of them, making this fourth a "mark" of the whole rhythm along the song

Un des meilleurs tubes

UListen to Sample 18 The Chamber

Never really liked his music but this one made me listen... and changed my opinion big time! Absolutely fabulous song and just love the base line!

UListen to Sample 19 Lady

In my opinion, and according to the votes: totally underrated song. It deserves top 5 at least!

His best song in my opinion. This song rocks!

I would put this in his top 3

UListen to Sample 20 Where Are We Runnin'?

Where are we runnin'?
We need some time to clear our heads
Where are we runnin'?
Keep on working 'til we're dead
Where are we runnin'?
Oo wee oo wee oo
Where are we runnin' now?

UListen to Sample 21 Stand by My Woman UListen to Sample

22 If You Can't Say No UListen to Sample

23 Calling All Angels

This song is so beautiful. The melodies pull at your heart string.

UListen to Sample 24 Black Velveteen UListen to Sample 25 Stand

This song should be in the top ten! It's so awesome! This one is definitely in my top 5 Lenny Kravitz songs

Awesome song from his newest album - Black And White America, has killer harmonies and guitar riffs

Love this song! Always keeps me motivated

Very inspirational song, it should have a better place, please I ask you to make me the favor of voting for this amazing song and appreciate ir

UListen to Sample 26 Low

Very underrated song, new but still keeps it old school

I think it's a great song

UListen to Sample 27 Fields of Joy UListen to Sample 28 Push

This song shows the maturity of lenny, across the time, for me is the better song.

UListen to Sample 29 A Long and Sad Goodbye UListen to Sample 30 Dancin' Til Dawn UListen to Sample 31 The Pleasure and the Pain

I don't know how nobody put this amazing song to this list. It's just another masterpiece from Lenny, and should be at least among the top 10.

UListen to Sample

32 Don't Go and Put a Bullet In Your Head UListen to Sample

33 Come On Get It

Best song of the olddest album. Amazing song, amazing riffs... Just amazing.

UListen to Sample 34 Circus

I can't understand why this one isn't the most voted

UListen to Sample 35 Rosemary

This song is so beautiful... It makes me cry every time I hear it.

UListen to Sample 36 I Build This Garden for Us UListen to Sample 37 Dirty White Boots UListen to Sample 38 New York City UListen to Sample 39 The Resurrection UListen to Sample 40 Supersoulfighter UListen to Sample best songs of lenny kravitz

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