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breast cancer pink tools
Pink Marketing for Breast Cancer: Wheres the Payoff?

pink ribbonPink marketing is pretty and profitable, but what about the promise for a cure for breast cancer?

At one time, pink, for me, was the color of hope, but it's fast becoming a color of despair as it reminds me of my own stage IV breast cancer diagnosis and the 110 women and men who die daily from the disease. The promise by theSusan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundationand other organizations to find a cure for breast cancer is not being fulfilled.

I admit that I have put pink on my husband, my dogs, and even my youngest son and his whole college football team. I've given pink scarves as gifts, and have been the recipient of pink T-shirts, baubles, and candles, among other stuff. I even have pink ribbon soap in my bathroom.

I've always been an advocate for pink marketing. I like that people have to think about the disease, and I like that we are talking about it. But pink marketing is growing old. I sure dont want a traditional pink holiday 10 years from now that would indicate that we still haven't ended breast cancer despite the billions of dollars that have been raised by pink marketing.

Many women are pretty vocal about what they say is the misleading message of pink marketing. They encourage people to ask how much of their donation or purchase price is actually getting to researchers to find a cure. Organizations like Susan G. Komen the biggest in the business are now coming under greater scrutiny for the way they use donations.


I have been excited about the efforts of Kelli Parker on social media to hold Susan G. Komen accountable for its pink marketing, and especially for its promise to end breast cancer. Parker is a beautiful young woman diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer who recently started a social media campaign shes calling #IamSusan.

Parkers goal is to show the faces of the multitudes of young women living with metastatic breast cancer and to highlight the fact that there is no cure.

The campaign is named for the woman for whom the Susan G. Komen organization is named. That Susan was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at age 33, and died at age 36. Her sister, Nancy G. Brinker, promised her shed work to end breast cancer; since founding Susan G. Komen, the organization has raised billions of dollars to help fund the fight against breast cancer.

Today, there are thousands of Susans waiting for a cure.

Seeing Red Instead of Pink

Parker is hoping to make the voices and frustration of the thousands of women living with stage IV breast cancer heard and to urge Susan G. Komen to fulfill its promise to end this disease. In spite of all the money that has been raised, the promise to end breast cancer is still just a promise.

That is why Parker and so many others are seeing red instead of pink when they see the name Susan G. Komen on box tops, or see the organizations logo on any number of clothing items, accessories, and other merchandise.

I now find myself among them. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer over 10 years ago. When I was diagnosed with metastatic disease in 2013, I was sure that more could be done for it. As of now, it cant.

As Kelli Parker has said, I am Kathy-Ellen Kups, and I, too, am Susan.

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Breast Cancer Ribbon PNG Transparent Images

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In the modern era, we find symbolism in relation to things or events that are necessary. Pink ribbon are a symbol of the extremely delicate state of women, which is breast cancer. Every October, breast cancer ribbon is seen all over the world. Men and women unite in a display of pink symbolism that sends a message about the concern of breast cancer viciousness. Through the pink ribbon, women and concerned people around the world become informed. This has indeed become a huge factor in improving the survival of breast cancer in hundreds or thousands of women worldwide with a diagnosis of the disease. The pink ribbon serves as a symbol of hope for all. It has been managed to create a subconscious and preventive measure for all those who deal with the threat of cancer.

October is international cancer for a breast awareness month. Only in the United States the fourth Monday of October is regulated as the day of the pink ribbon. During this important event, various activities have been set up to inform women about how to improve the survival rate of breast cancer. This month, there are also many fund-raising programs designed to help women around the world who need support to overcome the infection of this malignant disease.

The pink ribbon is not just a simple ribbon, but a symbol of cancer awareness. When wearing this, we can send a message to others that breast cancer is a disease that can lead to death if ignored. This is the main goal of people who wear a ribbon and send a message to everyone who sees it. One must have the courage to deal with this social issue, whether you are a man or a woman. Various celebrities, men or women, are seen engaging with this social awareness of breast cancer.


We must think that a pink breast cancer ribbon is a representation that sends a message reminding young and old women about the dangers of one of the most leading causes of womens death. There are malignant cancers that spread rapidly, which is a huge factor in the survival of breast cancer, which can be prevented by the dissemination of relevant information. Doing something like wearing a pink ribbon can be very useful for spreading this important information. Lets hope and pray that everyone can find in their hearts an initiative to help others realize this terrible disease.

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